Wishtrend New Website Launch : My own beauty column!


Hey guys,


Proud to present to you the launch of Wishtrend’s newly designed website : here.


I will also have my own beauty column there as you can see from the photo above, a photo of me deep in thought writing my reviews ( lol! ), so go take a look at my articles and reviews there from time to time.


I’ll give you some tips about the website :


  • If you’re lost and don’t know what to try, order the Wishtrend Wishbox. Box No.2 and No.3 are already pre-determined items, but if you don’t really know where to start – try the No.1 box. There will be a variety of Korean cosmetics items ( some of them not necessarily sold on our site ) for you to try,


  • I know some of you have been asking about the Mustaev Brushes Set, they will be released next week


  • Are you a beauty blogger? You can apply at our page here to try out brands at the Wishtrend site. For those of you who aren’t comfortable speaking English, you can send me a personal e-mail at jwzs@wishcompany.net ( You can write to me in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay or French )


  • Looking for some Korean brands that you can’t purchase online ? Tell us about the brands you would like to find on Wishtrend and we will work hard to get them sold on Wishtrend! ( oh, don’t worry i’ve been pestering my boss to get Chosungah sold on the site! )



And don’t worry, i will still continue updating this blog with non-wishtrend related news and non-wishtrend related reviews! I pledge honesty in all my reviews as always, so no worries there. No amount of money can buy my passion for honest beauty blogging Winking smile 







0 thoughts on “Wishtrend New Website Launch : My own beauty column!”

  1. wow nate! it’s been a long time since i’ve seen you around in the comments section! haha hope everything is well. I will suggest Suiskin too ^^

  2. Thanks! Hehe~ But yeah a long time. I’ve just been really busy! Whew. So I only look quickly at new posts on my rss feeds. Really like the website. I was just looking yesterday for a new website to purchase Korean cosmetics from! The only downside is that it doesn’t ship to Brazil = I am going to Spain for a year though so Ill see about trying something out!

  3. ah yes, wishtrend does ship to brazil ! and it is also the only korean website that offers free shipping after a certain amount !

  4. Oh my. I did a bit of a mix up. It does ship to BR. Hahaha. But yes I’m really liking the website.

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