Hope In A Blog x Wishtrend Giveaway Collaboration



Confused ? Why is there a dragon and a cupid ?

Welcome to Hope In A Blog x Wishtrend’s  first ever blogger’s event.

The Dragon represents Wishtrend, the cupid – Hope In A Blog.

The Dragon represents courage, power – and the cupid represents love, passion.

The Dragon represents the East, the cupid – the West.

Most importantly….

The Dragon is a symbol of the Asian Lunar New Year, while the Cupid – the symbol of Valentine’s Day.


This year, they both fall on the same month – in February, and to celebrate this special double occasion – Wishtrend and Hope In A Blog is collaborating on a special box and a special event and competition for bloggers WORLDWIDE to join us celebrate these two important days!


…And what do these two celebrations have in common ? The colour RED! Yes, that’s it ! Wishtrend will be releasing a special box – which compromises of all RED items to beautify yourselves in these two occasions. If you are a blogger, you will be able to have a chance to test this box out yourself FREE OF CHARGE – post a photo – and WIN a grand prize! Create your best ‘RED’ look with the items in the box and let your creativity take over!


Open to bloggers WORLDWIDE.



How To Enter ?

1. Create a new post on your blog and copy and paste this entry.

2. After creating the post , email the URL/Website to jwzs@wishcompany.net.

3. Selection process will begin and bloggers selected will receive an email. Red Box will be delievered on 2nd week of January with tracking number.

4. If selected, the Special Box will be mailed to your address.

5. After 2 weeks, Blogger is required to review and post a photo using all the items in the box. Dateline : 31/01/2012. Please mail the blog link to jwzs@wishcompany.net to validate your entry.

6. Wishtrend and Hope In A Blog will pick a blogger with the most creative photo and blog post ( make good use of the items and create your best ‘RED” look! )


P.S : IF You are not chosen as a WIshtrend blogger, but have purchased the Red Box on your own, you can enter this competition as well by sending us the link of your blog post with review and photo to jwzs@wishcompany.net




Winner will have their photo posted on the main page of the Wishtrend site as well as the Wishtrend Facebook Page with their Blog site. With over 40,000 likes on Facebook and more than 100,000 clients all over the world – this will give your blog a huge push!

Winner will also win a $30  $50 coupon from Wishtrend.com

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  • Soraya1889

    I’ll done it!!

    • hopeinablog

      thank u!

  • http://marvelikalife.blogspot.com/ Mizu

    owh..anything red and a picture of us?could be something else?no?

    • hopeinablog

      hi, the photo has to be taken with products used from the Red Box!

      • http://marvelikalife.blogspot.com/ Mizu

        oh..i got it ..thanks!

  • XiaoVee

    hello, i have questions.. —-> “1. Create a new post on your blog and copy and paste this entry.”
    We only need to copy and paste this explanation?

    and only chosen bloggers who will get wishtrend box are required to create “red” look?

    Thank you :)

    • hopeinablog

      hi, this is also open to anyone who has the red box ! the condition is that the items have to be from the wishtrend red box to create that look!

      yes, you can copy and paste… and add your own comments if u want ;)

  • trb

    i understand that this is open worldwide. yes. but is it a problem if i have a blog not in english?

    • hopeinablog

      hi, it is open worldwide :) no barriers, everyone and every language is welcome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/azhezha Sarah Azhezha

    thanks for the giveaway! ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/wimom.mandy WiMom Mandy

    I just entered- hope it wasn’t too late to be chosen for a box!!! Would love to try out and review some new products!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Anyolblog Maria Lopez Maxia

    Thank, my post is submitted.

  • Mari Peich

    Thank you so much! My post is done too!!!

  • Laura garla

    My post is done

  • Pretty Sarah

    Can I still do a post or I’m too late? :S

  • imma le

    My post is done

  • http://sparkleapple.blogspot.com/ Rindodo ♥

    omg, I’m going to join~~~ I’ll reblog it soon ^-^

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