VoV releases winter sleeping packs


LG’s VoV will be releasing 3 winter sleeping packs to give you smooth moist skin called the VoV Pure Essential Sleeping Pack 퓨어 에센셜 생생 팩


The sleeping packs will come in 3 versions : Strawberry, Green Tea and Red Ginseng.


1. VoV Strawberry Pure Essential Brightening Pack 딸기 매끈 브라이트닝팩


Contains Vitamin-C rich berry extracts to give you soft, smooth clear skin. Detoxifies the skin and contains fine grains to remove dead skin cells to brighten up the skin tone.


2. VoV Red Ginseng Pure Essential Pack 홍삼 쫀쫀 탄력팩


Contains red ginseng saponins to revive tired skin through removal of toxics and rich in antioxidants to promote blood circulation to give you radiant glowing skin.


3. VoV Green Tea Pure Essential Pack 그린티 슬리핑 팩

A sleeping pack with concentrated green tea extracts to give you soft moist skin overnight. Cleanses skin, tighten pores, and calm irritated acne skin – the gel texture absorbs easily into the skin.

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  1. VoV cosmetics’ skincare products are not that bad although they are rather limited in variety compared to other brands. I actually like the Espair Escargot Ampoule cream, and find its texture agreeable in terms of its somewhat initially sticky texture which gets absorbed into the skin easily.

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