Updated : VoV releases Snail Pact & Foundation


VoV’s Snail line, Es:Pair, will be releasing a powder pact called the VoV Es:pair Snail Cover Pact 에스페어 스네일 커버 팩트


Other than snail extracts, the product also contains pomegranate extracts to avoid darkening of the skin and contains SPF30 PA++. It will be priced at 16,000 wons for 14g. Available on Gmarket.

Another addition from the VoV Es:pair line is the VoV Es:pair Snail Cover Foundation 보브 에스페어 스네일 커버 파운데이션




The foundation contains snail mucin to keep your skin smooth and firm at the same time. Snail Mucin helps in skin regeneration which helps resolves many skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, loose skin etc. The foundation also contains SPF 30 / PA++ .

0 thoughts on “Updated : VoV releases Snail Pact & Foundation”

  1. hi! these snail extracts are everywhere!!!! by the way! i got the It’s Skin prestige escargot last week! thank you so much for the link to gmarket!

  2. yes, a lot! i bought it after i used up 2 samples, so it wasn’t a “blind” deal)) and also this was my 1st gmarket experience, and it was 100% positive. i got the parcel in 1 week i guess after i placed the order.

  3. i will be waiting for your new posts about it (and other things of course) with links for the gmarket sellers!

  4. Maria, actually the reason why i post the korean names on the articles is that everyone can go search them on gmarket if they are interested in the product! makes it very convenient for everyone!

  5. yes, i saw the links!
    but now, since i also use gmarket it’s even more important for me!
    i have just made the second order there – but i ordered some make up which is not so interesting for you i guess))) and 1 eye cream)))

  6. Don’t forget to order the new It’s Skin Esacrgot Serum! It is also on sale! but only for a 1-2 days so be fast! Add it to your order, u can add two orders to one shipment

  7. yes, i know about several orders… in the present order i have 2 different sellers in fact…
    no, right now i have too many other serums will by this one later… by the way, how do you think, if i like escargot cream by it’s skin, what other snail cream i should try? or this is the best thing? i know that there are a lot of other snail creams but how do you think if it’s skin is the best one?

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