VoV releases cracking nail Polish





Looks like cracked Nail Polish is 2011 latest nail polish trend. We reported a few days back about Peripera releasing their cracking nail polis ( article : here ).

VoV has also released their own version called ‘CRACK’.

They come in 10 diffferent colours and the best thing is that they can be mixed and match to give a different effect. The best thing is that it can be mixed with other nail polish too!

Check out this cool video of that this women has done with her fingernails by mixing the Crack Nail Polish together with other different nail polish.


Link : here

To purchase, type 보브 크랙 네일 on Gmarket.


The steps explained in photos :






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  1. Nice! I love the colors! And there’s a great selection of them.I don’t think they’re available here in the Philippines. I’ll check on them online. Thanks!

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