UNT releases camellia oil


Like all other Asian brands which are scrambling to release their oil based products for winter, UNT will be releasing their UNT True Repair Camellia Essential Oil.


The product contains Camellia Japonica Essential Oil. Essential oil from the seeds of the Camellia Japonica flower appeases sensitive reactions of weakened skins. It contains proteins and vitamin A and E to lift aged contour and to hydrate. The product also uses squalene to further moisturize the skin. Not only can it be used on your face, but also on your elbows and all dry areas.


Not yet available on the English website, but launched on the Taiwanese site with a promotion at only 399 Taiwan Dollars instead of the usual 1299 TWD.

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  1. I think this oil would be perfect for my sensitive skin! I just have to patiently wait until it is sold to Canada..

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