UNT BB Cream OUT but no promotion for international fans!


UNT finally launched their BB Cream on the international site today and unlike the Taiwanese site which has a 50% discount and yet they have a free gift with 5 choices to choose from, the international UNT page launched the promotion with no discount… and only 2 free gift choices! Boo, sucks to be an international buyer eh?

The Taiwanese page :



So I’m not purchasing it until there’s a promotion!


Have you purchased yours? Smile

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  1. It’s not out on the French website yet but I won’t purchase it since it’s waaaay too light for me.

    And it’s true that Taiwanese customers get the most interesting deal and promotions. Well, that’s a Taiwanese brand so…^^

  2. It’s really not fair! Also, I find the price rather high (for internationl customers).

    Btw, I’ve just checked OHUI’s website and it seems they are going to release two new products
    for “The First” line on 2012. I think these are upgrades to their current products.
    Check it out here:

    I hope that the new “advanced” essence will have a better texture than the existing one as I didn’t like using the current one a couple of months ago. The essence just “sat” on my face and didn’t get absorbed into the skin.

  3. thanks! the article is up!

    The two new product looks really expensive and i’m sure it will be! Yeah, hopefully they will have some promotion soon for the UNT BB!

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