Wishtrend Men Series : Taking Care Of Your Menskin with Wishtrend

Wishtrend Men Series : Taking Care Of Your Menskin with Wishtrend




Continued from previous articleWishtrend Men Series 2 : Korean Men Are Taking Good Care Of Their Skin – Are YOU?


At Wishtrend, we have two brands catered to men who want to look good – and take good care of their skin without any trouble. Introducing the two brands : Gatzmen and Whan. So why did we choose these two brands? Only because it stands out from the current Men’s skincare market.


But Why? Because most of the men’s skincare brands out there are from premium brands : SK-II, Lancome, Gorgio Armani, Clinique, Kiehl’s, Lab Series, SK-II. Most of these skincare brands offers only toners, lotions and are not specialized. They offer a global skincare line, but does not target specific skin problems. This is where Gatzmen and Whan comes in : It is an affordable men’s skincare line that not only offers a huge variety of products from skincare to makeup – and even different line to target different men skin condition!







Gatzmen was launched in MUTNAM, which is the No.1 Fashion Shopping Mall for men’s clothing in Korea. It helps men’s skin to cope with their strenuous lifestyle – smoking, alcohol, etc. Working together with the CRBC ( COTDE Bio Research Centre) which have been doing research on high functional cosmetics for 20 years.


A hot-seller selling about 3,000 pieces of skincare a day Gatzmen has achieved it’s reputation as the leading drugstore men’s skincare. Compromising of currently 20 products at the moment, Gatzmen is planning to introduce another 10 more items by the end of 2012.


What separates Gatzmen from all the men’s skincare line out there is that it doesn’t have only one global line – it has several products catered to several types of men’s skin. Let’s go through the products that are available!



1. Cleansers


Three types of cleansers to suit your skin type and needs.




2. Toners


Three types of toners to suit your skin type and needs. Comes in a generous 220ml bottle ( usually toners come in 150-170ml bottles )




3. Essence


Three types of essences to suit your skin type and needs. Comes in generous 80ml bottles ( usually essence comes in 40-50ml bottles )



4. Creams


Contains 2 types of creams and an eye cream. Moisture Cream comes in a really generous jar of 120ml ( creams usually come only in 50ml jars ).



5. Styling


Also contains styling products as well as a sunscreen.




6. Men-up Products


Contains 3 Men-up products ( men’s makeup product ) – a concealer, a sebum powder, and a chapstick.




7. All-In-One Product


The latest addition to the Gatzmen brand for men who wants to save the hassle and time by layering different products – this is an all in one product that combines the use of a toner, essence, and emulsion – skipping 3 steps in total !










WHAN is also another men’s skincare created by Korean power blogger, Han Gyun Kim.  The brand currently contains only 5 products – but it will be expanded with time.


All of WHAN products contains the ingredient found in red wine called reseveratrol, an antioxidant polyphenol from red wine, has been the subject of intense interest in recent years due to a range of unique anti-aging properties.


In clinical studies, resveratrol performed amazingly well. It created a denser and firmer skin texture while boosting the life expectancy of the skin cells by a whopping 160%. It stimulates cellular renewal, enhances the skin’s support system (collagen and elastin) and improves the multiplication of fibroblasts. ( Source : here )



1. WHAN Man’s Cloaking Cream & Concealer

( Men BB Cream )

[WHAN] Man's Cloaking Cream & Concealer

Looking for a natural looking men BB Cream ? The Cloaking Cream comes with a 5ml concealer for further coverage. It’s function is very much like a BB Cream which helps covers pores and blackhead , a major men skin problem. It also contains SPF32, PA ++.



2.  WHAN Man’s Total Effect Brake Solution

[WHAN] Man’s Total Effect Brake Solution


This is similar to the Gatzmen All-in-One lotion which contains the main ingredients of an essence such as wrinkle care, whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing. Comes in a generous 150ml bottle too!



3. WHAN Trouble Control Water Toner Man’s Mist


[WHAN] Trouble Control Water Toner Man’s Mist


This is a mist to moisturize your skin anytime, anywhere! It can be used after cleansing, or in the middle of the day to refresh your skin. It moisturizes the skin and balancing the skin’s pH balance. Contains numerous ingredients that are beneficial for the skin :

4. WHAN Triple Effect Man’s Cleansing


[WHAN] Triple Eff
ect Man's Cleansing

Ever heard of an all-in-one cleanser? Haha! This is it! For the lazy men who wants to take good care of their skin, this is the perfect product. It is a face cleanser, as well as soap as well. Uses hypoallergenic ingredients that are suitable for even those with sensitive skin.


5. WHAN Trouble Control Rolling Spot

[WHAN] Trouble Control Rolling Spot


A man’s worse enemy – Acne. It is a problem for men of all ages! The WHAN Trouble Control Rolling Spot is a spot treatment that helps get rid of blemishes! Not only does it help with skin troubles, but it also moisturizes the skin! Salicylic Acid extracted from Winter Green penetrates the skin follicle and helps the shedding of dead skin cells within the follicle, helping keep the pores clear and allowing room for skin cell growth.

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