Dear Readers,

I am very proud to show you the new site!

As you have noticed, I have also changed the tagline from ‘May your skin grow beautiful, as you grow wiser’ to ‘with knowledge, comes beauty’ – something shorter, more simple, and to the point. Hope In A Blog was set up to introduce not only good Asian cosmetics and skincare, but also to educate readers on the ingredients that they are using, how to read an ingredient list before purchasing any products , etc. We also wanted readers to be able to gain more knowledge about a product before purchasing them by providing readers detailed reviews, feedback from other users, etc. Therefore, I always urge readers to be active in discussion, or leave feedback on the posts if they have used certain products.

Readers can also share posts from Hope In A Blog via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail etc by clicking the icons below each post

One of the more exciting section is of course the ‘Ingredient List’ section. I plead to ALL readers to please share any ingredient lists you have by clicking on the .  You can send me the ingredient lists by text, or simply by taking a photo of the ingredient list ( much easier! ). It took me 8 hours to customize all the logos of the different brands, upload it, etc. and it will take me an even longer time to upload the ingredient lists of the products of EACH brand– so I really hope that you readers will do your part by sharing your ingredient lists with everyone.

And last but not least, as all of you know, Hope In A Blog is a non-profit blog. A non profit blog is hard to maintain. I’ve forked out my own allowance to rebuild the whole site (no! it wasn’t free! Hehe) , so I hope that if you appreciate all the hard work, passion and love that I have put in rebuilding the whole site, writing detailed reviews, the updates, the ingredient list page – that you will find a small place in your generous hearts to donate a small sum ( any amount, any currency ) via paypal to help maintain this blog by clicking on .  These donations will help to maintain the site ( web hosting, domain ) and also to hopefully purchase instruments that will help make the product reviews even more detailed than ever.

Last but not least, I would like to thank a few people for making this site happen – my parents who reluctantly paid for the whole thing ( hehehe! ) , the staff at IIFOLIO for designing, building and programming the site – Sally Chan and Mr. Programmer who had to put up with my numerous requests and my perfectionism : thank you for your patience!

The site is only 90% done. A few stuff hasn’t been fixed – like subscribing to updates via e-mail, etc which will be done hopefully by the end of the week!

I hope you love the new site and will profit from everything this site has to offer. As I’ve always said, this is not only my site, but this is OUR site, and I hope that you readers will be able to share as much as you can ( by submitting ingredient lists, reviews, feedback on posts etc) and spread the love for Asian cosmetics and skincare!

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