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I’ve been keeping mum on this subject for a long time because i started this blog as a role to promote knowledge & love for Asian skincare and cosmetics, but the situation has gotten out of hand.



A lot of Korean online stores selling Asian & Korean skincare and cosmetic products have been copying and pasting descriptions on the blog and using them without linking and sourcing Hope In A Blog. Like i said, my goal of this blog is to promote knowledge and love for Asian skincare and products, therefore i do not mind that these descriptions and articles are shared BUT please link it back to the blog if you’ve taken any description.



The description and articles on the blog are not the OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS GIVEN BY THE COMPANY themselves, but they are all written by me. It takes a lot of time writing them, then doing my own research and putting my own input / additional information for each product  – therefore i will really appreciate it IF you would at least source the stuff that you’ve copied and pasted from the blog.



Most of these sites are Korean online stores selling skincare and cosmetic products. They are generating income from information copied from Hope In A Blog ( they are not paying me to do all these stuff but they’re leeching from us  ) – so the least you can do is to LINK back to this blog, and also contribute in some form to the blog ( donations, ingredient lists, etc )



I hope that after reading this, those sites that have copied and pasted stuff from our blog will source us and credit us with a direct link back to our blog – or we will have to take action and submit these websites to Google.




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  1. I totally agree with you….. not only it takes your time, effort and repeatedly washing the stuff off your face, to do what you have done for people like me or others who wants to learn about Asian skin care, but it also takes monemy to do that tooo. Those websites should have the common courtnesy and respect to state the source. To me, those website are stealing your knowledges…… shame on them….

    Is there somethig we can do? cause I have seen other excellent, resourceful skincare blogs in the past where they just eventually got frustrated, tired and shunt down their blogs so their article can not be copied.

    I certainly do not want to see your lovely blog going that way!!!

    Good luck

    devoted reader


  2. Hi jen!

    yes, ive seen other blogs locking their websites with password etc. I do not wish do to that because it will be troublesome for readers. I think the last resort would be to list these websites out, and send them to google , hoping that google would block these websites from their search engines!

    thank you for your support!

  3. Even password won’t help. Most of the sites can copy your content via RSS feed without even coming to your site.

    Another way to block people from copying is to place a transparent image file over your content (so people cannot copy and paste), BUT this is bad for search engines because your content won’t be indexed -> no advertising money when people can’t find your site. I know that pain only too well. I had moved servers since the copyright infringement and my revenue had dropped to so little, I may not continue with it much longer…

    Hope you will succeed.

  4. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I will email those sites, and if i don’t have their reply, i will take action! Love lots!

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