The Last &Most Precious Collection Blog Sale!

So… I’m back in Paris, and this will be the last blog sale before I leave to Shanghai in a week, so if you want to purchase anything don’t wait anymore! Those who purchased from me last week, you can add anything if you are interested before I mail it off! They say save the best for the last, and here you will see really rare and precious items Winking smile Btw, this will be the last blog sale as I’m clearing almost everything!

As usual , first pay first serve. Book your lots here :

1. Hannule Hanyul Whitening Serum


Here you have 7ml x 8 = 56ml . The full size retails for around 95usd so you’ve definitely got your deal here !

Price : 40 euros

2. Sooryehan Soo Seonyu Travel Set SOLD


This is the classic line for Sooryehan formulated with deer antlers, mulberry and other korean medicinal herbs to promote skin elasticity and anti-aging. With a 10ml cream and eye cream.

Price : 15 euros


8. Renk Cell Luminous Whitening Travel kit SOLD


This is the famous award winning whitening line from RENK. the whitening serum won many awards that year of it’s release. this kit comes with a cleanser, toner, emulsion, 6 x whitening serum which is 30ml, cream, whitening spot, and a huge pack of the whitening spot which 15ml costs $85.  A must not to be missed set too! A really expensive line of products too! Here you have 30ml of the serum, which is the full size bottle that costs over 100$!

Price : 45 euros



3. Sum37 Youth Activator Repairing Cream and Essence

This is one of the star line from my favourite skincare brand, Sum37. 10ml x 5 =50ml (forgot to include 1 bottle in the photo)  of the essence and a free gift of 20ml of the cream of the same line. Note that the full size cream is sold for $150 and the 50ml essence is $150!

Price : 50 euros


7. OHUI Hydra Formula Line

Here you have the FULL SIZED toner ( milky moisture toner 150ml ), the FULL SIZED emulsion ( 130ml ), as well as the full size version of their latest addition to the line – the Green Caviar Moisture Treatment 40ml. With these 3 full sized items, you have these as the freebies : 15x5ml=75ml of the other version of the toner from the same line ( the refreshing version ), 17 packets of the Vital Gel Cream, 20 packets of the oil free refreshing cream, 22 packets of their essence, and 8 packets of their ampoule. You can really try the entire line right here!

The green caviar treatment itself costs $130 and the toner and emulsion costs $50 each, so you’ve got one hell of a deal here!

Price : 150 euros



17. LAVIDA Whitening Set

SO sad to let this go. ALL full sized items of the first care serum, the whitening toner, the whitening cream, and even the lovely suncream !! This line is amazingggggg after having tried the samples. Love love love! Letting this go at a really crazy price too!

Price :  130 euros



15. Lirikos Set

This comes with a full size version of Lirikos star product – their version of the first care serum – the Lirikos Marine Oxygene Essence as well as the full size Lirikos Marine Pore Minimizing Serum. Also comes with the full size version of the Lirikos Water BB Cream, which comes with a free makeup palette! Check out the prices on Korea Depart and you know that you’ve found a good deal here!

Price : 100 euros



16. Hyosiah Basic Line Double Set + Hyosiah Black Bean Serum  SOLD

This is two sets of the Hyosiah Basic Line, which is produced by Amore Pacific that also produces Sulwhasoo. This is their fermentation brand and it also contains a deluxe sample of their high-end Black Bean Serum. Definitely a deal not to be missed.

Price : 25 euros / or 15 euros per set


17. Hyosiah Whitening  SOLD

This is the whitening line of Hyosiah. Contains the serum, cream, and sun cream!

Price : 14 euros for 2 sets / 10 euros per set.


18.  Lavida Whitening line

This is from Coreana cosmetics – their new hightech skincare line called LAVIDA which im sure many of you who follows the blog will know this brand! The travel set.

Price : 15 euros


19. Su:m37 Waterfull Set

This has the 3 full size bottles of the Sum37 Waterfull Triple Story Ampoule which is sold at $150 at stores. Free two packs of the toner and emulsion from this fantastic hydration line.

Price : 70 euros


20. Hera Travel Set

Travel Set from Hera : WHitening toner, cream and spot cream as well as the preperfection serum, hera BB, and the hera sun mate daily.

Price : 12 euros


21. Su:m37 ART Essence SOLD

This is the limited-edition essence from Sum37 which serum is hand-made 100% without involving any machines. 200 raw cosmetic materials and 24 premium plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs are selected and fermented in oak barrels produced in France ( compared to the 78 ingredients in the Sum37 Secret Programming Essence ). FYI, the materials used to make the barrels are extremely important when you are using it for a fermentation process. No nails, nor glue are used to assemble the oak barrels to maintain the purity of the fermented essence. Same goes with the production of wine. Only 200 bottles are produced every year.

4 x 10ml = 40ml. The 50ml ART Serum is sold at 180$. Free gift : Sum37 Eye Cream.

Price : 60 euros


22. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng line  Sold

This was so hard to giveaway as it’s one of my favourite products… Here you have 4 bottles of the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil contains authentic ginseng seed oil which delivers nutrient rich extracts from the seeds of ginseng deep into the deepest layers of the skin to revive damaged, depleted skin. Ginseng Seeds can only be collected once a year, and each seeds only contains 0.004ml of Ginseng oil. As it’s extremely precious , only limited quantities are released each year. Retails at $200 for 30ml. Here you have 5×4=20ml. Plus 20ml of the Sulwhasoo Concentrated GInseng Cream which retails for $220 for the full size.

Price : 80 euros


23. History Of Whoo Premium Set SOLD

Also, another set I was so reluctant to let go. Contains the travel size toner and emulsion of the Hwa Hyun line, 10ml of the Hwa Hyun Serum, a huge pack of the Whoo Sleeping Mask, the travel size 10ml Whoo Secret Court Balm which was a limited edition and not produced anymore, coupled with 20ml of the Whoo Ja Saeng Serum. And… the most precious is the Whoo Ginseng Ampoule Oil which is sold at $200 for 30ml. Contains Wild Ginseng cultivated and grown over 7 years. The ampoule consists of 54,42% organic extract of this wild ginseng. Here you have 4ml x 6 = 24 ml of the Wild Ginseng Oil

Price : 120 euros


24. Sulwhasoo Snowise Set SOLD

Another set I was reluctant to let go : Sulwhasoo Snow wise Set which contains travel size sets of the emulsion, toner, 7 x 5ml = 35ml of the cream, 8ml x 6 = 48ml of the serum which is the full size, plus a huge pack of samples of the same serum for travelling, 5ml x 4 = 20ml Snowise UV cream, and huge packet of the Snowise Spot Cream which you have at least 30 packets. Last but not least, you have the 8x  Snowise Spot Patch which is extremely expensive. This entire set costs at least more than $600 at retail combined!

Price : 120 euros


25. Whoo Seol Whitening Set

Last but not least, my very last set of the Seol line and the most precious one. Contains the 50ml toner, the travel size of the balancer, emulsion and whitening balm. 3 jars of the Whoo Jineak WHitening Program which is retailing at $250 for complete set which consists of 4 jars ( just one jar short as I sold it with the other set earlier on ) . Not only that, you have a huge set of sample pakets of the Whoo WHitening Program which has at least 30 packets of it, another huge packet of the Whoo Whitening Cream ( at least 30-40 packets ), and the Whoo Whitening and Moisture Cream ( 20 packets ) .

Price : 120 euros


25. Hitachi Hada Crie SOLD

Comes with the adapter, stand. Perfect condition!

Price : 80 euros

0 thoughts on “The Last &Most Precious Collection Blog Sale!”

  1. ermagerd so many good deals! i can’t decide. not knowing much about korean skincare, can you recommend a set for someone with dehydrated (t-zone), dull, dry and sensitive skin? i’m a female in her early 20s

  2. hehe, well it would be the OHUI Hydra Formula line! but depends if you are looking for more of a hydrating line, a nutritive line, or more of a brightening one

  3. thanks for the quick response! funny, that was my first pick as well. haha perhaps all 3 if possible?

  4. haha well, probably the Whoo whitening, or the lavida which is a great brand but still unknown outside korea. the spokesperson is kim haneul if you are into k=drama!

  5. decisions decisions. if i could, i’d take them all lol. i’ve heard amazing things about Sulwhasoo before…hopefully i settle for one before somebody snaps them up. how much do you charge for shipping to Australia?

  6. yes, it’s the best and up to par with Whoo’s famous Seol line… but that Sulwhasoo Snowise line is more suitable for those with sun spots, pigmentation as they are lots of the products such as the spot cream, spot patch which you might not need at this moment!

    That was why i recommended Whoo or Lavida ! But it is up to you to decide ;)

  7. thanks for the recommendations! my face tends to attract a fair amount of sun spots and i do happen to have uneven pigmentation even though i don’t stay in the sun very often, which depresses me a bit as all my asian gfs bake like no tommorow and still manage to sport flawless skin. might be worthwhile to trial an expensive line such as this, not to mention it’s also natural…

    do you happen to have the ingredients listed for the lanvin products listed by any chance? sorry for the constant questions! i really appreciate it. btw, shipping?

  8. lavida you mean? nope sorry! the line is paraben free though!

    haha shiping for the sulwhasoo set will be 8 euros!

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