sum37 renews youth activator line



Su:m37 released the Sum37 Youth Activator Cream and Night Serum which was a huge hit for the brand! 3 years after it’s birth and having seen an upgrade in 2010, Sum37 will relaunch the line with a totally new packaging and colour scheme for the line together with 2 new products!


If you don’t remember, here is the old packaging :

sum37 renews youth activator line

Credits : Joseibi


And now the brand new packaging which does seem to borrow some similarities with LG’s other brand, Sooryehan.




The new line will compromise of 4 products namely,

1. Su:m37 Youth Activator Recharging Cream

2. Su:m37 Youth Activator Recharging Eye Cream

3. Su:m37 Youth Activator Recharging Essence

4. Su:m37 Youth Activator Recharging Spot


The newly renewed line will also feature a new ingredient which was researched for two years called the BS300™ which contains naturally fermented ingredients which helps decompose an protein in our body which inhibits collagen synthesis. Say goodbye to your wrinkles, and say hello to brand new youthful skin.

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  1. Hi Hope in a Blog! I’ve been reading your reviews and I’ve tried some of the products that you reviewed. I was wondering if you could recommend something for my mom. She’s 50+, has oily skin and big pores but I have no idea what to get her to try since I’m fairly a newbie on Korean skin care products but I’ve seen the results in my skin since I started using them.

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