Nature Republic prepares you for the summer




Nature Republic has released some new items to help you cope with the hot summer days!

Introducing the :

1) Nature Republic The White Force Rice Fermentation Toner      더 하얀 발효 미백 토너


We spoke about this line earlier : here. This is Nature Republic Rice Fermentation line. This is a whitening line which uses rice fermentation method. Uses rice bran oil, niaciamide and vegetable ceramics. Hydrates the skin deeply too!

2) Nature Republic ‘Sheng’ BB Cream  생 비비 크림 SPF27 PA++


This is Nature Republic’s latest BB Cream which is in a Jar. It has a gel-like texture which is rich in hyaluronic acid and skin-conditioning oils. This BB Cream moisturizes the skin while making it look vibrant.

If you like soft, jel like BB Creams, give this a try. They are much easier to spread than cream based BB Creams. Contains SPF27!

Comes in 2 shades.

Here is a sneak preview  (Credits Yuiop1193) :


image image

The 2 shades :



3) Nature Republic UV Lock Ultra Milk Sun SPF 50+ 유브이락 울트라 팩트선


Uses cactus extracts which helps in skin regeneration and moisture. Also contains Portulaca Oleracea L extracts which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Has a very runny liquid texture :


image< /p>



4) Nature Republic Ultra Pact Sun SPF50+


5) Nature Republic UV Lock Ultra BB Sun SPF 46




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