LAVIDA expands brand with gel cream & Pore solution line


 More news about the upcoming LAVIDA products. You’ve been seeing so many articles on LAVIDA lately that i’m sure you know this brand by the back of your head right now. Haha.
 LAVIDA has been attacking summer with the LAVIDA Sun Solution Collection ( Daily sunscreen, sports sunscreen, BB Pact ) and now in the skincare department, it will be introducing products that will be suitable for summer – a pore solution care line and a gel cream!
 Introducing the LAVIDA MOISTURE SOLUTION GEL CREAM ( 60,000 wons / 50ml ) . The gel cream keeps your face moist and hydrated all day long with a fresh and light finish.
 There is also currently two pore products under the LAVIDA brand
 1. LAVIDA Pore Solution Mudpack 라비다 포어 솔루션 머드팩
120g / 30.000 wons. Helps remove waste and dirt from the skin to keep it clear and smooth. The morroco ghassoul absorbs excess sebum and dirt from the skin, and tightens pores making them look more refine. Can be used 2-3 times a week. For those with normal to dry skin , leave on for 5-10 minutes and for those with oily skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes.
 2. LAVIDA Pore Solution Essence 라비다 포어솔루션 세럼
40ml / 60,000wons. This serum helps normalize the skin’s cycle regulation so that old keratin is removed, pores are refined and tightened, and the skin’s sebum secretion is regulated. It gives you soft, silky skin and is applied after the LAVIDA Powercell Essence. Uses lentil seed extract. Lentil seed ogliosaccharides are the natural sugars derived from lentil seed extract.  They work below the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production, thereby limiting the pore distortion and slackening that naturally occurs with age.  By tightening the pores, the skin appears smoother, brighter and overall—younger-looking.

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  1. So many things to try, eh? With all those choices I find it hard to repurchase something.I think the only things I had repurchased so far are the HoW Seol toner and lotion .I am always game to try new stuff! and It was your reviews that I valued that led me into using Korean products.

  2. haha same here. its to hard to repurchase anything. the only thing ive repurchased is daal stuff but they shut down !

  3. Hope,when u said ‘shut down’ do u mean they stop producing for good?
    I was thinking of repurchasing their first serum, n I thought their website was on maintenance or smth..too bad if they really killed the brand, I like their products

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