We are very sad to say this but Hopeinablog will be closing down by Sunday… so if you have missed any articles/advice/updates/news .. do it before it goes offline!

We hope that everyone has loved this blog and has learnt  more about Asian Cosmetics through this blog. Asian cosmetics have always been seen in a negative light by westerners and even by Asians themselves which thinks that Western cosmetics are much more effective, superior and better than Asian cosmetics.

Hope In A Blog was created to uphold the image of Asian cosmetics and to spread the knowledge of good Asian cosmetics. Asian cosmetics are not in any way less effective, less better than Western ones!

We hope that after reading and following this blog, all those who doesn’t read an ingredient list on their cosmetic packaging before purchasing them – are starting too! And that you guys are spreading the love for Asian cosmetics.

A new chapter awaits us. Thank you for all your support all along!

See you soon.


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0 responses to “Goodbye….”

  1. Hope! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened??????

    I LOOOOOVE this blog, and look forward to EVERY single post!
    You have changed my skin and how I approach skincare!!!!!!!!!!

    If you have to go for personal reasons, I understand. A non-profit blog like this is hard to maintain.

    I just want to let you know that you will be greatly missed. There is definitely a void you are filling in the cyber world, and you have the passion, dedication, and talent to fill this void.

    I hope you can continue to do so and make a profit from your investment of time. Thank you for all you have done to educate and share with us regarding Asian skincare, reading ingredient list, clarifying the steps in Asian skin care, etc. PLEASE keep me on your mailing list so I can follow you on your next endeavor!!! I will support you always!!

    Be blessed (and I hope you change your mind about good bye!!)

  2. That is sudden. Are you all just taking a hiatus? Or is it just an upgrading of the blog to something else?

  3. Glad to know it would be Soon! Where and when might that be?

    I discovered your blog just a few months ago and it’s sad to see you go!, but as you said, we will see you soon, and I will be waiting for that.

    Promoting Asian products and fashion is something that I also do on my blog, and since I feature a lot of Korean stuff, your blog was an inspiration for me and that’s why I’m gradually turning it into a bilingual blog. Hope in a Blog is totally unique and I hope you can continue sharing this uniqueness to everyone around the globe

  4. I understand if you have your reasons. I absolutely love this blog and I will miss it since its the best blog ever. But I really wish you had at least told us why you guys are leaving . . .

  5. I am so surprised, I only just discovered your website this week and it has inspired me to purchase Asian cosmetics. I hope you will return soon with a similar blog, and wish you the very best.

  6. that’s sad. But even if blog will not be updated, why don’t you leave all the post aviable? i have many marked posts from your blog just for my future online shopping, i simply won’t be able to make copies of them all.
    Information you have here is priceless, i don’t think it’s right to delete it.

  7. Oh this is very sudden, and sadden. I love reading your guys’ posts. I checked it at least twice a day. I learned a lot about Asian skin care from you guys. Thank you. If it is possible, i’ll look forward to read more from you. Best of luck in the future ;D

  8. I agree, it’s really sad your not carrying on with this blog, but why get rid of it? It’s a waste of doing every single blog youve done, and just for the record no, not all westerners think that asian cosmetics are seen in a negiative light, how can you say that, im a westerner, and i use asian cosmetics!!

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