Gmarket 1st ever shopping spree!


My first ever shopping spree @ Gmarket!

Gmarket has really good deals if you are looking to buy stuff made-in-Korea.

However was disappointed as there were not many samples given. I heard that Koreans are so generous when giving samples.

I’m basically going to review brands that not many non-koreans have heard of. So stay on for more of that..

As you can see here, i bought some stuff from Danahan (available in South East Asia @ Beauty Credit – but cheaper on Gmarket). There is something interesting about one of the Danahan BB creams – the world’s first 0.1 Diamond Carat BB Cream! Interesting huh?  There’s also two Coreana BB creams there, and Enprani’s latest Retinol BB cream. Also i’ve decided to try Reskin , quite an expensive Korean brand, that uses EGF as their star ingredient.

So as you can see, there will be lots of exciting reviews coming up, so make sure you suscribe to the blog! Sourire

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