Dr Ci Labo Basic Black Charcoal Gel

This name has numerous names. Dr Ci Labo Basic Black Charcoal Gel, Dr Ci Labo Acne Control Gel, Dr CI Labo Acneless Super Gel…

Basically it has 2 packaging :

1) The ‘OLD’ Packaging in a Jar

2) The ‘NEW’ Packaging in a Tube

Before you purchase any of this, please make sure that there is a slight different between both packaging.

I have e-mailed Dr Ci Labo and this is their response regarding the matter :

Thank you very much for contacting us!
The all new Basic Black Charcoal Gel(called acne control gel in Japan)
is basically the renewal product and is very similar to the previous one.
Main difference is 1.) The container is changed from a jar to a pump container
for ease of control for the amount of gel released and it is also for a cleaner and
more sanitary use and 2.) The gel has a smoother application and it is less sticker.
The gel applies better to those who have a severe acne skin problems.
Whenever we have renewal product, we will not keep the previous product out on the counter plus we do not discount any of our products.
Please understand that we no longer make Basic Black series in a jar;
Basic Black Moisture also has been changed to a tube type.
If you still find our previous product, I would not recommend you to purchase them
because it has to be too old.
Thank you!
Best Regards,

Therefore, before you start purchasing make sure it is the one with the new packaging.

Be careful when you buy it on ebay and please ASK the seller if it is the one in the jar or pump.

I was fooled once, but i got my refund, so don’t make the same mistakes i did !

Wishing you all good skin!

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