Are you willing to purchase charm sized cosmetics ?



As we all know, the consumption of cosmetics are changing rapidly in today’s world. We no longer have the patience to finish a 50ml bottle of cream.


Charmed Size cosmetics are what we called ‘Deluxe Sized Samples’. They come in a 10 – 25ml packaging depending on the product which may last for 2-3 weeks of use. ( 10-25ml for skincare products, 3-10ml for perfumes, 3-5g for makeup products ). This practice has been common in Asia, where these samples are often sold in sets, given to customers who purchase full sized items, or given free of charge to VIP clients. The Korean Government banned the sale of deluxe sized samples / samples in general due to various reasons.


In Europe, these charm sized cosmetics are not very common at the moment. Most of the samples provided are still the packet samples which are 3-4ml in content.


Question here is : Are you willing to purchase charm sized cosmetics over the full sized ones if they were allowed legally, and if companies start producing them ?


I am doing a study on this at the moment for my Master’s project, and I hope that you guys could help me out by answering this short questionnaire that I have prepared.


The link to the questionnaire :


Promise that there will be more updates once the craziness is over in 2 weeks time. You’ll have plenty or articles and news!


Thank you so much for all of your support these 2 years. Can’t wait to present the new site to all of you!

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  • Poor Anon

    In the survey, there’s no “I don’t travel at all” option.

    • hopeinablog

      thank you will add that asap! ;)

  • Michael Jetton

    I completed the survey. :)

    I really like charm sized beauty products. I first saw them coming from beauty sample programs that are so popular now (BirchBox, GlossyBox, etc.) and I think they are a fantastic idea for trying out a product but I wish they sold them commercially, mostly for travel. Many people who simply recommend depotting to a smaller container but I’ve always thought that that could contaminate a product which is why I love travel sized items. Not only are they small enough to use more efficiently while traveling but also keeps the integrity of the product and, if you like the way some product packaging looks, (like I do) keeps the aesthetic appeal of the full size product, just in mini form.

  • Arthur Silvero-Jeffe

    I think it’s a very practical way. I tell you that I have bought full sized products from Sulwhasoo, Hanyul and Whoo which I have not put a major dent in when it comes to usage, just waiting for the next time I would want to use them.
    I would purchase these deluxe sizes if they’re available. It would give me a chance to try out something new every time I get tired of using my usual products, and I’m the kind that’s always into something new. My most recent Gmarket purchase was the 35mL re:nk K serum (the full size is 100mL) and 15 mL re:nk K cream (the full version is 15mL jars x 4 pieces). That purchase was the wisest I made because I wasn’t sure if I would like the product’s feel, scent and performance. It turns out that I LOVE IT ALOT.

  • namiii

    hi hope i have completed the survey …i love to buy charm sizes and the main reason is that i have sensitive skin(but it was not there in survey) so i prefer to buy sample sizes… Imagine how stumped I’ll be if I bought a high end product at full price and I turned out to be allergic to it

  • Kev J.

    I would definitely purchase charm-sized cosmetics especially for the more expensive brands. Sometimes, after testing out a charm-sized cosmetic product, I might realize that I do not have the patience to follow through with using it for the next few weeks after a certain period(say the first 1-2 weeks), maybe because it is not as good or because it is not as suitable for my skin as it appeared to be. That way, I do not just waste a product and neither do I waste money too on a full-sized product which, at times, might be overrated-ly expensive.

  • Kev J.

    Good examples of such products for which I would purchase such charm-sized samples include the department store brands, and most brands here in Japan and even back in Korea, brands such as Whoo, O-hui and Hera.

  • Giani

    I completed the survey!
    Charl sized samples are very practicl because sometimes you want to test a product before putting a lot of money in buying the full size.Maybe your skin will not respond welle to the component or else so it’s very useful.

  • Tiferet

    I prefer smaller sizes of beauty products as long as the price is not inflated. Unless I am going to use it up in 6 months, buying a large size is a waste of money because after a certain point in time, they are going to be full of bacteria, even with applicators, and you have to throw it out anyway.

  • Sasha

    Oh oui, j’achèterai sans problème des produits taille voyage ou échantillon. Mais seulement s’ils sont vendus en grand nombre comme sur Gmarket où on peut avoir 10, 20, 30 voire 50 petits sachets d’échantillons pour quelques euros. Ce genre de vente ouais, ça m’intéresse beaucoup!

  • Vanessity

    Charm-sized cosmetics are only useful for travelling and for trying out new samples. In terms of daily use, if I already like and use the product regularly, I would never ever buy a smaller size.

  • marian

    Moisturisation is the most important part of daily skin care. Your skin needs more water than anything else and moisturizer are more needed in Summer Trekking.

  • junhee

    I would love it because I never manage to finish products before they expire. It is also more convenient in the vanity and for travel.

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