Are you willing to purchase charm sized cosmetics ?



As we all know, the consumption of cosmetics are changing rapidly in today’s world. We no longer have the patience to finish a 50ml bottle of cream.


Charmed Size cosmetics are what we called ‘Deluxe Sized Samples’. They come in a 10 – 25ml packaging depending on the product which may last for 2-3 weeks of use. ( 10-25ml for skincare products, 3-10ml for perfumes, 3-5g for makeup products ). This practice has been common in Asia, where these samples are often sold in sets, given to customers who purchase full sized items, or given free of charge to VIP clients. The Korean Government banned the sale of deluxe sized samples / samples in general due to various reasons.


In Europe, these charm sized cosmetics are not very common at the moment. Most of the samples provided are still the packet samples which are 3-4ml in content.


Question here is : Are you willing to purchase charm sized cosmetics over the full sized ones if they were allowed legally, and if companies start producing them ?


I am doing a study on this at the moment for my Master’s project, and I hope that you guys could help me out by answering this short questionnaire that I have prepared.


The link to the questionnaire :


Promise that there will be more updates once the craziness is over in 2 weeks time. You’ll have plenty or articles and news!


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