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The time has come for me to move to Shanghai again for the 3rd part of my Master’s program! Ah, moving every 3 months is really stressful but thank god this will be the last one! Am clearing a few lots which I have been keeping for myselves but I’ve just got too much stuff that I have to part with them! Extremely rare items!

As usual, this is first pay first serve. For those in Switzerland, I can ship these items immediately ( unless you want to pay postage from Switzerland which is really expensive ) and those not in Switzerland, you would have to wait until the 23rd of April when I am back in France to ship everything off as shipping is more affordable in France.

Here are the items, and I will add more when I am back in France.

1. Luxury Set SOLD


This is the luxury set, with the miniatures from the highest end lines from the Oriental Medicine brands – Sulwhasoo, Sooryehan, History Of Whoo. All of these items cost more than 200$ in their full sizes with the Hwa Hyun one priced at around $500USD!

So this set contains the Sooryehan Sanghwan Essence, History Of Whoo Hwanyu Go 4ml, History Of Whoo Hwa Hyun Essence and Face Cream, and the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream.

Price : 50 euros

2. Sooryehan Soo Seonyu Travel Set


This is the classic line for Sooryehan formulated with deer antlers, mulberry and other korean medicinal herbs to promote skin elasticity and anti-aging. With a 10ml cream and eye cream.

Price : 15 euros

1. History Of Whoo Whitening Complete Travel Set  SOLD


This is the famous Seol Whitening line that everybody loves.The entire line that comes with a 50ml toner and even the 1 jar of the whitening jineak program which comes in 4 jars and cost $300   , and even 2 bottles of essence, peel off pack, cleasing foam, balancer, emulsion, cream, whitening balm. this is really the most complete set that I kept aside of myself… kindda sad to part with it ! haha. a great deal as the 100ml toner itself already cost $65, and 1 jar of the jineak program is already $70

SImilar to this set at $300USD

Price : 70 euros

3. Sum37 Whitening Travel Set  SOLD


This is almost the complete set of the Sum37 Whitening line which contains the toner, emulsion, bubble mask, essence x 3, spot corrector, cream x2, a big pack of the concentrated whitening program, a big pack of the luminous treatment, and a big packet of the latest whitening cream.

Price : 60 euros

4. Sooryehan Hyo Travel Set  SOLD OUT


Comes with a 40ml sleeping pack, toner, emulsion, cream, eye cream.

Price : 12 euros

5. History Of Whoo Gongjinhyang Travel Set  SOLD OUT


This travel set is slightly more expensive than usual as it contains the 10ml deluxe jar of the face cream instead of the usual 5ml.

Price : 18 euros

5. Anti Aging Oriental Medicine Set SOLD


This comes with the travel size of the famous oriental medicine brands : Allvit and Hanyul.

Contains the toner, emulsion, and essence from the Allvit Basic line, the serum,cream and eye cream from the Hanyul Red line, and the Serum, Eye cream, and cream from the Hanyul purple line. Perfect for those with dry skin and looking for anti-aging lines!

Price : 40 euros

7. Oriental Medicine Whitening Travel Kit


Travel size 10ml of the Hanyul whiteing Essence. 2x Hanyul whitening cream, and the new 2x sooryehan whitening ampoule.

Price : 15 euros

8. Renk Time Lab Travel Set


Comes with a 40ml cleansing foam, and the time lab anti aging and anti wrinkle line from Renk

Price : 15 euros

8. Renk Cell Luminous Whitening Travel kit


This is the famous award winning whitening line from RENK. the whitening serum won many awards that year of it’s release. this kit comes with a cleanser, toner, emulsion, 6 x whitening serum which is 30ml, cream, whitening spot, and a huge pack of the whitening spot. A must not to be missed set too! A really expensive line of products too!

Price : 50 euros


3. Sum37 Youth Activator Repairing Cream and Essence

This is one of the star line from my favourite skincare brand, Sum37. It comes with the 20ml cream which has a full sized packaging, together with 10ml x 4 =40ml of the essence from the same line. Note that the full size cream is sold for $150 and the 50ml essence is $150!

Price : 70 euros


7. OHUI Hydra Formula Line

Here you have the FULL SIZED toner ( milky moisture toner 150ml ), the FULL SIZED emulsion ( 130ml ), as well as the full size version of their latest addition to the line – the Green Caviar Moisture Treatment 40ml. With these 3 full sized items, you have these as the freebies : 15x5ml=75ml of the other version of the toner from the same line ( the refreshing version ), 17 packets of the Vital Gel Cream, 20 packets of the oil free refreshing cream, 22 packets of their essence, and 8 packets of their ampoule. You can really try the entire line right here!

The green caviar treatment itself costs $130 and the toner and emulsion costs $50 each, so you’ve got one hell of a deal here!

Price : 150 euros



9. Estee Lauder BB Cream

The Full Sized Version of the Estee Lauder BB Cream.

Price : 15 euros


12. Donginbi Red Ginseng Whitening Line

Full Sized Toner and Emulsion of the Donginbi Red Ginseng Whitening Emulsion. Here you have a free gift : History Of Whoo Whitening Soft TOner 50ml, 7mlx3=21ml of the Hanyul Whitening Serum!


Price : 100 euros



13. Hanyul Whitening Line

Here you have the full size version of the Hanyul Whitening Emulsion and Toner, as well as 5x10ml = 50ml of the serum from the same line that costs $100 alone!

Price : 80 euros


17. LAVIDA Whitening Set

SO sad to let this go. ALL full sized items of the first care serum, the whitening toner, the whitening cream, and even the lovely suncream !! This line is amazingggggg after having tried the samples. Love love love! Letting this go at a really crazy price too!

Price :  130 euros



15. Lirikos Set

This comes with a full size version of Lirikos star product – their version of the first care serum – the Lirikos Marine Oxygene Essence as well as the full size Lirikos Marine Pore Minimizing Serum. Also comes with the full size version of the Lirikos Water BB Cream, which comes with a free makeup palette! Check out the prices on Korea Depart and you know that you’ve found a good deal here!

Price : 100 euros

If interested in any of these lots, email me at

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