A New Beginning…








Dear Readers,

We thank you all for your support !

The reason we decided to close down the blog was because it was too time consuming, and it wasn’t easy to manage a non-profit blog.

But after reading the words of encouragement, I decided to continue the blog myself! The other members of Hope In A Blog will not be participating anymore, so I will be solely responsible for the site updates. The other members will help out when they can, this blog will always be open to them.

I will also be setting up an entire new blog, and hopefully it will be ready soon. It will also be a donation-on-go site for the site maintenance ( web hosting, domain, etc ). Therefore, if you appreciate all the hard work that goes into each post, we hope you can donate to help out with maintaining the site, while I dedicate my time to introduce and review more amazing Asian skincare and cosmetics!

I will continue to update the site until the new blog is ready.

There will be a competition soon for the launch of the new site, and the prize will be a History Of Whoo Gongjinhyang Starter’s Kit ! So look out for that because the first person who answers the question correctly will win it !



The other members of Hope In A Blog wants to thank everyone here for your support!




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  1. Can readers contribute to reviews and descriptions? I think I would be one of many who would liketo help your blog out.

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