TonyMoly : Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack does not contain Hydrogen Peroxide!


TonyMoly Phillipines has contacted Hope In A Blog and gave us supporting documents from SGS Taiwan to prove that the Tony Moly Tomatox does not contain Hydrogen Peroxide. SGS provides inspection, testing, certification & verification services to ensure that products, services & systems meet quality, safety & performance standards.


Here is a copy of the report :

SGS Report from Taiwan_Page_1

SGS Report from Taiwan_Page_2

0 thoughts on “TonyMoly : Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack does not contain Hydrogen Peroxide!”

  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this information!!!!!

    Since the start of this “incident” I was totally sure that the Tomatox was “clean”. I mean Tony Moly is a great brand, I couldn’t see them screw a product with harmful ingredients.

    I’m really glad that this product IS clean. I LOVE Tomatox! Ahhh xD

  2. I might try the toner and the lotion. Maybe not the cream as some say it’s a bit too rich for combination and oily skin

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