TonyMoly releases cats mascara


Meow Meow… TonyMoly will be introducing a mascara for you to have eyes like cat woman! The product will be called the TonyMoly Cats Wink Mascara 캣츠 윙크 마스카라


The mascara will have a formula that will not irritate your eyes, and help protect your lashes – stimulating the growth of eye lashes. It is also easy to clean, you will only need lukewarm water! The mascara will come in 2 versions – and i will update once there is more information.

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  1. Really tempted to get this!! On g-market both versions together are only 12 000 won >.< I can't read korean but judging from the pics, the 1st version has a straight brush for normal application and the 2nd has a curved brush for applying on the outer corner lashes?

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