TonyMoly pushes out oriental medicine line



TonyMoly has pushed out a new oriental medicine line to address seasonal changes which may tire the skin easily, and makes it more sensitive and dry due to the big temperature differences between the day and night. Introducing the TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol line.


To revive the beauty of your skin, TonyMoly has created this oriental medicine line which addresses heat aging problems, detoxifies the skin, and smoothen the skin texture. 12 kinds of herbal ingredients fermented for a period of 24 months helps to address those problems above. In addition, deer antlers helps to moisturize the skin and nourish it making it shiny and moist.


The entire line is free from parabens, artificial colouring, talc, mineral oils, and sulphates.


The 6 products in the line are :

1. TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Booster

A First care serum to be applied right after cleansing to deeply moisturize the skin and help improve the absorption of following products

2. TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Toner

3. TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Serum

4. TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Lotion

5. TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Cream

6. TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Eye Cream


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  1. One of the key ingredients inside the Oriental Gyeol Lotion is petrolatum! I actually saw that inside the ingredients list description in English on the cover of the box, while looking around inside the Tony Moly store at Dongdaemun last March. That was a real reason to avoid the lotion.

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