TonyMoly pushes out Floria Pore line


With the Floria Whitening line released a few months ago, TonyMoly will be pushing out another Floria line – this time it’s the Tony Moly Floria Pore Whitening Line.


Like all the Floria line which focuses on floral extracts, this Floria line focuses on marine extracts, sea weed extracts, and of course – flowers. A line perfect for summer to solve your sebum and pore problems!


The line consist of four products :


1) Tony Moly Floria Pore Tightening  Toner 플로리아 포어 타이트닝 토너

2) Tony Moly Floria Pore Tightening Emulsion 플로리아 포어 타이트닝 에멀전

3) Tony Moly Floria Pore Tightening Essence 플로리아 포어 타이트닝 에센스

4) Tony Moly Floria Pore Tightening Cream 플로리아 포어 타이트닝 크림



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  1. this line work for acne prone skin??? Floria Pore Tightening Foam Cleanser is good?i have clogged pores you believe that this line help?

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