TonyMoly goes upscale with TImeless Placenta Cream & Machine


TonyMoly has really gone upscale to the roof this time with their new vibration machine ( they have a cheaper BB version which you can find the article in my archives ) called the TonyMoly Timeless Placenta Bound Cream 타임리스 플라센타 바운드 크림 50ml / 78,000 wons


After applying the cream, you use the vibration machine attached to the cream which gives a vibration massage to the skin, which helps absorption of the product and improves skin elasticity. The machine vibrates at 9000 times per minute. It also helps the absorption of the TonyMoly Timeless Placenta Bound Serum ( a 15ml deluxe sample is included with every purchase of the cream ) by using positive and negative ions to push the nutrition into your skin.

The cream contains alpha-bio placenta which provides nutrients to improve skin elasticity. It also contains ginseng extracts, and even pure gold!

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