Updated : TonyMoly expands HoneyBee line


TonyMoly has expanded their anti-acne Bee Venom line with the addition of two new products :


1. TonyMoly Honey Bee Skin Solution Toner 허니비 스킨 솔루션 토너

2. TonyMoly Honey Bee Skin Solution Emulsion 허니비 스킨 솔루션 에멀전


The Honey Bee line contains Honey Bee Venom & 5 Patented Substances related to Skin Problems / Promotes Healthy Skin by Avoiding the Use of Eight Harmful Formulas with Skin Soothing and Hydrating Effects.


Keep in mind that TonyMoly has also changed the packaging of the older Honey Bee products and they will all sport the new White packaging look right now. The other products include a facial mist, cream and essence.


A BB Cream will also be added to this line called the TonyMoly Honey Bee Skin Solution BB Cream SPF30 PA++ 허니-비 스킨 솔루션 비비크림 . BB Cream for those with troubled acne skin.


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