Tony Moly upgrades Premium Hydro Gel Mask


Tony Moly has upgraded the packaging of their Premium Hydro Gel Mask Sheets.


They come in three versions :



1. TonyMoly Premium Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Red Ginseng

프리미엄 하이드로 겔 마스크 시트(홍삼)




Contains Red ginseng, steamed ginseng, extract activates skin, comforts and plumps the skin. Superb adhering ability and highly concentrated in oriental ingredients




2. TonyMoly Premium Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Caviar

프리미엄 하이드로 겔 마스크 시트(캐비어)




Improves skin elasticity with caviar extracts. Caviar extracts revitalize and nourish the skin, giving the skin the much needed moisture.




3. TonyMoly Premium Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Collagen


프리미엄 하이드로 겔 마스크 시트(콜라겐)




Collagen ingredient firms and improve skin’s elasticity, giving the skin the much needed moisture.

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0 thoughts on “Tony Moly upgrades Premium Hydro Gel Mask”

  1. I have this strange feeling that Tony Moly wound up in Singapore. The moment they started having discounts of up till 50% on select items of skincare, I knew that it would really be the sign of them trying to make up for losses. One of the flagship stores seems to have closed sometime back a few weeks back, and I was wondering if there is ever any other chance of a remaining store. I am not affected by it on the whole, since I shop online and it is cheaper, but people who do go to the real stores might feel that it is imminent.

  2. Tony Moly is a fantastic brand – cheap, fantastically packaged, great ingredient lists – don’t know whats going wrong with the one in Singapore. Are they not marketing it correctly?

  3. They had the basic marketing bits done on local papers, and the prices are on par with what the Face Shop prices its products at(the Face Shop is doing very well in Singapore and Malaysia generally as far as I am aware), and they even had a Song Joon Ki Signing session last year when I was still in Canada and Korea. I honestly cannot figure out why it is not making money and the few stores had to close. It’s not the first Korean brand to undergo such a fate. Missha, WhooO’hui, SansimOssion(under Hankook) (with one store and a main spa closing under a list of 3-4 stores), Nature Republic and now this Tony Moly?????? O boy, sounds more like a long streak of bad luck for Korean cosmetics…..The prices are definitely marked up but not as badly as Skinfood or Somang CosmeticsBeauty Credit, so I suspect that Singaporeans simply do not see the need for Korean stuff. Skinfood is also rather quiet for start in the stores I pass by, and the only exceptions to the trend of quiet Korean cosmetic stores are The Face Shop, and Etude House. Etude House is doing very well especially on Saturdays, and I noticed once while passing by that the young male manager was so amused while the store assistant girls in pink were serving the customers on the makeup front with advice and touching up their makeup.

  4. My youngest sister who uses Tony Moly tells me a reason why Etude House is so popular in Singapore: Lee Minho is the main reason why the young girls are flocking there. lol…I agree even as an outsider looking on. I think The Face Shop too is another good example. Kim Hyun Joong is the only reason holding it together. It really has to do with star appeal. They are arguably the leading stars of the Korean wave in Singapore.

  5. Haha, maybe they need to invite T-ara over to Singapore to spice things up a little and re-market the brand! If only Tony Moly had the packaging concept like Etude House, it would be the perfect mid-rangelow end brand!

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