TonnyMoly pushes out 2 pacts & oriental herbal whitening line




TonyMoly will be expanding the Cats Wink line after the release of the mascara early this year with the release of the TonyMoly Cats Wink Clear Pact 캣츠윙크 클리어 팩트


The Meow Meow Pact will retail for 7900 wons / 11grams. Contains UNESCO certified celtic water to hydrate the skin. It also has outstanding sebum control effect , cover pores, and the baby pink beige colour brightens up skin tone and help covers imperfections. In addition, the pact is free from parabens, mineral oil, ethanol, benzophenon and tar.


Next up, we also have another pact from TonyMoly which will focus more on hydration! Introducing the TonyMoly Aqua Aura Pact토니모리 수분 광채 윤기팩트




This powder will be rich in moisturizing ingredients which will avoid your skin feeling dry and will use a new water base coating formulation type of pact. It will come in 3 shades for different skin tones and will be retailed at 13,800 wons for 10g.



Last but not least, TonyMoly will also be releasing a whitening line for their oriental herbal medicine skincare line called the TonyMoly The Oriental Gyeol Whitening 결미백. This line will be free from parabens, artificial colouring, talc, surfactants and mineral oil. It will have a toner, serum, emulsion, cream and eye cream.




The Oriental Gyeol Whitening line contains :

1.Salivary gland of leech: Improves unhealthy complexion. Sucks out bad blood.

2.Cheongyeoul Boyundan: Anti-heat aging. Soothes facial redness and flushing.

3.Onggi fermentation process for 24 months (more potent formulation)

4.Deer Antler Collagen water and 12 medicinal herbs for skin nourishment and moisturization

5. Pearl Powder and Niacinamide to brighten up your skin tone ( whitening ).






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