News Flash : TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack banned in taiwan


This will come to a shock as so many users have tried this, or is using this product at the moment but the Taiwanese government will ban the sale of TonyMoly’s Magic White Massage Pack after tests has revealed that the product contains a high amount of hydrogen peroxide ( 2% ) . High dosage of hydrogen peroxide can irritate the skin, and may damage skin cells with long term use.



According to TonyMoly’s Taiwanese official distributor, the products affected were the 1st generation of TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack and have not been sold in shops anymore. The 2nd generation of TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack does not contain hydrogen peroxide. However, the Taiwanese government officials stated that the products tested were obtained from the TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack found in the market.



According to the Taiwanese law, hydrogen peroxide can only be used in hair products and toothpaste but is banned from all cosmetics product. The Hong Kong customs will be testing the product itself and will take the appropriate actions if found to have high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Singapore’s TonyMoly will not be affected as they do not bring in this range of products.


This is not the first time Korean cosmetic products has come under fire in Taiwan. Last year, Taiwanese officials also found fluorescent agents in IPKN’s BB Cream, but after further tests showed that the product contained ingredients that were not harmful. ( Read the full article : here )


UPDATE : Tony Moly SIngapore has issued a statement regarding the matter :



TonyMoly Singapore would like to assure and inform its shoppers and fans that it… had not and does not import and sell the TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack that has been ordered off the shelves in Taiwan. Please do note that the TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack is not available in both TonyMoly Singapore’s authorised retail stores (in Bugis Junction and Raffles Xchange).

TonyMoly Singapore would also like to clarify that the TonyMoly Tomatox Brightening Mask is not the TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack. Please do note that these two items are similar in packaging but contain different ingredients and also perform different functions. The TonyMoly Tomatox Brightening Mask is a red tomato shape product but the affected TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack is a more orangy tomato shape product in a box.

If there are any discomfort or queries about your *TonyMoly Tomatox Brightening Mask that you have purchased from us, please do feel free to bring down your item to our two TonyMoly Singapore shops at Bugis Junction and Raffles Xchange and we would be pleased to address your queries.

Please do note that all products imported by TonyMoly Singapore have been approved by the Health Science Authority. TonyMoly Singapore will continue to work closely with the Health Science Authority to ensure that all our shoppers and fans are always safe and our priority.

* Please do note that TonyMoly Singapore does not import nor sell the TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack and thus will not be able to address any purchases made on the TonyMoly Magic White Massage Pack”.


Dear fans
Any exchanges on the Tomatox is valid until end of this month, 31st Sept 2011. Products without holograms will need to show proof of receipt. TonyMoly would like to stress again that the Tomatox brightening mask available in Singapore is different from the White Massage Pack. The exchange policy is practised to address any concerns by consumers due to the similarity in packaging. With regards to the White Massage Pack, we are working with relevant authorities to verify the claim by Taiwan Media.

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  1. Hi

    May I know where you got the news? I clicked on the full article and it led to something else, on BB cream, nothing to do with tomatox. It’d be great if you could let me know, so I can inform my readers as well.

  2. Hi,

    That was the article on the controversial BB cream last year.

    There is no english article at the moment. our blog is the first to report it in english, so you can copy this on your blog to warn your readers and link it back to us!

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