The Skin House releases Lavender Fermentation line




The Skin House will be releasing a new line called the The Skin House Lavender line 더스킨하우스 라벤더 .


Well, other than Lavender bring it’s main ingredient, it features fermentation of 104 other herbs and botanicals. It even includes Chinese herbs like Ginseng, etc




Sounds like Su:m37 story eh? It’s interesting that they marketed it as a Lavender line, as for me the highlight for me would definitely be the fermentation of 104 herbs and botanicals. Oh, did i mention they even have a snail cream for this line?


The line will have 5 products :

1. The Skin House Lavender Repair Toner

2. The Skin House Lavender Repair Emulsion

3. The Skin House Lavender Snail Gel

4. The Skin House Lavender Repair Cream

5. The Skin House Lavender Intensive Ampoule


They are available on The Skin Shop’s Official Gmarket page!  But DON’T purchase this yet! The new line is –25% off the normal price on the official website. We are trying to negociate with the Skin House Gmarket page to give us the same promotion! So wait for a while before purchasing anything! 

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