OMG! Danahan RG II EX at 85% discount!



You wish. Gotcha! Smile with tongue out 


Introducing to you The Skin House’s Danahan RG II Premium EX rip-off – the The Skin House AP II Professional EX Restore Neck Cream and the The Skin House AP II Professional EX Deep Wrinkle Cream which is the EXACT copycat in every possible way ( including packaging ).


Check this out … I guess Imitation is the biggest flattery?





I don’t know why The Skin House felt the need to copy RG-II because AP-II is focusing on their Acaiberry and Camucamu extract while RG-II is about ginseng ginosides.. But anyway the The Skin House AP II Professional EX Deep Wrinkle Cream contains a whooping 2500mg of Acaiberry extractm and 2500mg of Camucamu extract.

*Acaiberry is known for its amazingly high amount of antioxidants. It helps in flushing out harmful toxins out of the body, and enables to cleanse dirt from your skin.The antioxidants in acai berry also prevent your skin from disintegrating when you start aging prematurely. These antioxidants, smoothen face lines and wrinkles formed when your skin loses elasticity. They also provide energy by burning calories and thus enhance your metabolism.

Regenerative nutrients and antioxidants present in acai berry ensure that the cells in your body function to the best of their abilities. They also guarantee that your physiology is not invaded by foreign and harmful bodies which can upset your metabolism. The ability to fight free radicals make acai berry a potent anti-aging aid.The ‘phytosterols’ and ‘anthocyanins’ in acai behave as powerful astringents keeping the skin intact and help protect tissues connecting the skin. An elastic, strong skin looks suppler and wrinkles look less prominent.

Camu Camu is a powerful Amazonian super-fruit with antioxidant and collagen-building properties that can help boost skin vitality. It fights fine lines and wrinkles, nourishing your skin with the world’s highest concentration of vitamin C.

Both of these main ingredients are very good, and the whole copycat packaging when it doesn’t even have anything in common does steal the limelight of what could be a very promising product. Pity indeed.



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  1. Lol, it looks like a good joke :p The packaging is still slightly different in the cap though, since it misses out on the twirl. Other than that, the rest is really a rip-off.

  2. Ginseng ginsenosides are way harder to extract though, compared to acai berry and camu camu fruit, which are fruits in greater abundance compared to ginseng(reared and cultivated only in certain countries such as Korea, the USA and China). Even Japan does not grow ginseng.

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