What’s next after snails. bees and snakes? Jellyfish with The Saem




We’ve seen snail slime, bee venom, snake venom ( well, not really snake venom but it mimics snake venom ) – so what’s next? Apparently it’s going to be the Jelly Fish now! Dr Beauty’s whitening line Dr Beauty Ion White line will now be replaced by the Dr Beauty Cell White line.


The line currently has 4 products :

1. The Saem Dr. Beauty Cell White Toner



2. The Saem Dr. Beauty Cell White Illumi-Cream



3. The Saem Dr. Beauty White Illumi-Serum


4. The Saem Dr. BeautyCell White Emulsion



Like all the The Saem Dr Beauty line, it uses E.G.F ( Human Growth Factor ). In addition to EGF, the Whitening line uses VCCE which stands for Vitamin C Cetyl Ether technology which is effective in reducing uneven skin tone & age spots, and restores collagen fibres bond overnight. It is also used in Ossion’s Time Curator Line ( The Saem, Sansim, Ossion and a few other brands are under the same company – Hankook Cosmetics ).


And of course the spotlight here will be the Jellyfish extract! The collagen extract from the jellyfish is extracted and used in skin care. It is used for weight loss in South Korea. It is also being studied for its anticancer properties and prevention of heart disease. In addition , the mucus extract from jellyfish are rich in a family of sugary proteins called mucins ( just like in snails ). Mucins allow cosmetics to retain moisture and are the basis of synthetic mucus, a substance that is both antibacterial and lubricates.


The overpopulation of Jellyfish is becoming a problem in the world – therefore it is a good thing that various uses of Jellyfish are researched and used in order to prevent waste. If you don’t have a problem slapping snail mucin on your face, i don’t think you will have any with Jellyfish mucin, no?




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