The Saem releases two men line



The Saem, a Korean cosmetic brand making it’s mark in the Korean cosmetic market, will be releasing two types of mineral skincare for men called the The Saem Mineral Homme Black 미네랄 옴므 블랙 and the The Saem Mineral Homme White 미네랄 옴므 화이트.



The Saem Mineral Homme Black features the Korean cosmetics latest trend – black cosmetics. It uses black mineral crystals such as Hematite, Malachite, to give your man more healthy and firm skin. The line consists three products : toner ( gel texture ) , emulsion, and fluid essence.



On the other hand, The Saem Mineral Homme White features White Mineral Complex such as Algisium C ( a semi-natural SILANOL derived from a brown algae. It is a multi-functionnal active which can be used as an active basis or as a principal active. Thanks to its numerous properties, Algisium C is capable to restructurate the dermis and repair the bad states of the skin ) , Zinc, White Pearl to brighten up your skin tone, improves healing, and gives your man glowing skin. 



The White line features 4 products : toner, emulsion, essence and Sun essence which protects your skin from UV Rays.



The Saem is a great cosmetic line which is very affordable, and you can purchase it here and get 8% off with the code ‘hopein8’ only for the month of August!




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