The Saem releases two L.E.D Home Treatments


This tip came from Maryana, one of the readers! This has already been released in Japan although it has not been updated neither on the official The Saem website, nor the official The Saem Gmarket page.

These two home LED Treatments are both from the The Saem Dr Beauty line :

1/ The Saem Dr Beauty Royal Light Ray

2/ The Saem Dr Beauty Royal Filler Ray 

The catch here is that the treatment comes with also a LED Machine. LEDs have been headlining beauty news in 2009-2010 and looks like it will be picking up in Asia lately. I personally used these products back in 2010 when they were huge. I owned the LightStim and the BabyQuasar, which are crazy expensive. The Red Light is used for anti aging purposes, while the Blue Light is used for those suffering from acne or oily skin. There is also green light and yellow light but they are less popular. Let me just say that it needs a lot of effort to be spending half an hour on the machine everyday.

From my observations, the West is selling LED products which concentrates on the entire face, while the Asian counterpart are using it as a treatment on a particular problem/area. This means that it is less expensive since the machine would be smaller. If you are into LED Therapy, check out the Baby Quasar, LightStim, Sirius Aurora LED, etc. The difference between The Saem version VS the western LED machines is that the serum is apparently built into the LED machine itself, while in the west – the product is applied separately, or you don’t even need a product at all!

This all started when NASA ( yes, the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration ) found out that LEDS developed for the NASA Space Shuttle Plant Growth Experiments were found to be able to heal wounds. The infrared light produced by LED lamps, aka photo rejuvenation, stimulates fibroblast cell activity in the skin, which increases the production of collagen and elastin—the proteins responsible for your skin’s tone and elasticity .Apparently, it also helps the active ingredients of cosmetic products to penetrate deeper into the skin

If you want to read more about LED treatments, check out Truth In Aging where you can find reviews and articles on it. To be honest, the wave has died down a lot in the West already. But who knows, it might be the next huge big thing in Asia soon!


So back to the Dr Saem Dr Beauty Royal Ray line – it comes in two versions.

The Saem Dr Beauty Royal Light Ray is a whitening spot treatment which comes with a whitening spot serum containing 10% of Vitamin C.

The Saem Dr Beauty Royal Filler Ray is a wrinkle filler treatment which helps for those with deep wrinkles.

Both serums come from the The Saem Dr Beauty Snail + Syn-ake + E.G.F line – but unlike the other products on that line – this one has an additional ingredient which is Stem Cell.

And as expected – the price is really expensive here – selling at 99,000 wons for a 12 ml serum + LED Machine, though it is yet to be confirmed. I saw it selling on Rakuten Japan for about $122 USD which is about 140,000 Korean wons. I will update the details once The Saem sends them to me!

Some photos from a Japanese blog :



*Many thanks to Maryana for the news! Credits to Jayeonmi


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  1. The price in Japan on Koreadepart is 8410 jpy and cheaper if you are member of the site, however in HK as the Saem representative told me, it will be a whooping 1000 HKD for serums.

  2. thanks for the tips Maryana! really interested in this one, hoping the saem will be having another promo so I can this n the new vibrating BB at good price hehe

  3. No worries, I am wearing the miracle bb today. It’s slides slightly in the HK heat tho, the machine is a bit flimsy but highly portable. So I can imagine using it with other BBs and carrying it around in a pouch. In Dr beauty I really recommend you try out a peeling, mesotherapy hand cream and the neck cream, which is amazing and smells devine. Unfortunately, the saem shop on gmarket doesn’t carry these items and the wrinkle filler. Dunno why

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