The Saem releases sun products for the summer



The Saem has geared up for summer with the release of a few sun care products.


1. The Saem Dr. Beauty Cell ReNew Sun Cream


40,000 wons / 40ml

This is from the The Saem Dr Saem Dr Beauty EGF + Snail + Syn-ake. Contains EGF , snail cream, syn-ake, and VCCE which delivers anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, UV protection, hydration, skin healing, whitening all at the same time! Not to mention the high SPF50+ and the high price of course!




2. The Saem UV-X Mild Sun Lotion SPF50+ PA+++


20,000 / 120ml.


Moist and soft texture which can be used for the whole family and on the body as well. Contains sea buckthorn extract, Vitamin E,B3,B5,E,F as well as Sun Flower Oil, Lavender Water, Rosemary extract. It even contains an Anti-Bug complex which drives all the bugs awaay!


Free from parabens, benzophenon, talc and mineral oil.




3. The Saem UV-X Ultra Light Sun Cream


Contains sea buckthorn extract, Vitamin E,B3,B5,E,F as well as Sun Flower Oil, Lavender Water, Rosemary extract.

For those who wants a light texture with high protection.




4. The Saem UV-X White Sun Dual Pact


This Pact has high protection of SPF50+ PA+++. Contains Vitamin C,E,B3 and B5. Helps cover up the pores and gives you a radiant sunny finish.




5. The Saem UV-X Aqua Aqua Sun Essence


Contains SPF30 / PA++.  For those who wants a moist essence rich sunscreen. The sunscreen uses Alaska Glacial Water. Has a cooling complex which cools the skin temperature and feels fresh on the skin. Contains sea buckthorn extract, and Vitamin C,E,B3, and B5! Non sticky nor oily, only moist moist !




6. The Saem UV-X Finish Sun Powder


SPF 45 / PA +++. Contains Vitamin C,E,B3,B5. Absorbs excessive sebum and hydrates the skin.




7. The Saem UV-X Essential Sun Base Milk


A rich milk texture which doubles as a makeup base. It also has high SPF of 50+ PA+++. For all skin types.

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  1. omg Hope, what are you doing to my wallet? lol i’ve found a lot of the sunblocks’ (not all) ingredients listed on The Saem’s gmarket shop; expect those to be translated very soon. should i list them all here or send it in an email to you?

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