The Saem releases Chaga mushroom line


The Saem will be releasing a new serum called The Saem Chaga Fermentation Liposome 100 Serum  차가발효 리포좀 100 세럼.




The serum also contains about 79% of pure chaga mushroom fermentation extracts ( instead of using purified water ). It is also nano-technologied to ensure better absorption of active ingredients deep into the skin. Chaga has the highest ORAC ( antioxidant ) score ever recorded in any natural food! Chaga extract has 1,104 ORAC units per gram. Compared with other foods rich in antioxidants, such as blueberries or pomegranate, Chaga is much higher in antioxidants, meaning that its capacity to wipe out free radicals is much stronger.




One scientific study (Biofactors; 2004, Vol. 21 Issue 1-4, p109-112, 4p, 2 graphs), demonstrated that cells treated with chaga mushroom have 40% less DNA damage from external sources. Another study (Biofactors; 2006, Vol. 27 Issue 1-4, p147-155, 9p, 4 graphs) showed that chaga mushroom may indeed have anti-cancer properties by inhibiting something called “gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC)”. Other ingredients in this line are gingko biloba extract, adenosine, ginseng extract which also helps in general anti-aging!




The Saem has also released an entire new line based on the Chaga Fermentation extract which consists of a toner, emulsion and cream. The entire line is Paraben free, artificial colouring free, and mineral oil free.


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  1. I am going to be in Korea for about 4 days next week. So looking forward to the break. The Saem does have some seller products which are really cheap, less than 15 USD or so and yet containing high quality ingredients!

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