The Saem releases Celebrity Cream


The Saem, which is famous for their Gem Miracle line, will be releasing a new cream called The Saem Celebrity Cream 젬 미라클 셀러브리티 크림 to help you achieve celebrity-like skin.



The cream contains 4 gems to give you that superstar glowing skin – at the same time  providing moisture and improving your skin’s elasticity. The cream contains capsules as seen above which is mixed with the cream and applied to the skin creating a protective layer to avoid the escape of moisture from the skin.


It also uses Korea’s exclusive technology called the MLV ( Multi Lamellar Vesicle ) which is a type of liposomes used for the delivery of active ingredients deep into the layers of the skin. As you can see above, there are 4 different colours of capsules, each representing different gems : green for jade ( water supply ) , white for pearl ( whitening ) , red for ruby ( nutrition ) , and blue for tourmaline ( anti wrinkle ).

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