THe Saem releases 2nd sun line !





So did anyone buy anything during The Saem Gmarket sale ? It was the first time The Saem had a –40% sale, almost everything had a –50% discount, so it was definitely a superb deal ! Anyway, The Saem will be releasing ANOTHER sun line ( do we really need that many sun products?? ) which is called the The Saem Outing Mate 아우팅 메이트


Specifically designed for those who love being under the sun, this sun line has an ‘anti bug’ complex that protects your skin from insects,mosquitoes, etc and also has ‘cooling properties’. It is also sweat and waterproof, and contains soothing and anti inflammatory properties. They all contain SPF50+ / PA++ except the mist.


The 3 products in the line is :

1. The Saem Outing Mate Water Proof Sun Cream

2. The Saem Outing Mate Cooling Dew Gel Mist

Cooling gel that soothes skin irritated by the sun with cucumber and aloe extract. Lowers temperature of skin which is an important factor as temperature rise on the skin accelerates aging. Moisturizes the skin with it’s agar-agar jelly texture which dries easily and keep skin moist for a long time.

3. The Saem Outing Mate Hands Free Sun Stick

– Ability to absorb sweat and excess sebum. Contains sebum controlling ingredients.

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  1. I’ve bought a lot of stuff – thanks to you! I would never know about this amazing korean brand, I’m so glad I’ve found your blog this time I was temted to get their Arumdaun line (sorry, I don’t know how it’s written in Korean). Last time I odered, they sent me a mini set: a toner, an emulsion, an essence and a cream. And wow! It’s really something! Better then bottox – and much cheaper!

  2. superb! looks like you will be a fan of oriental herbal skincare too since arumdaun is their chinese medicine skincare line! they also released a BB cream from the arudaum line recently have you tried their oriental herbal fermentation line – chaga? its really nice too!

  3. Yeap.. I’ve tried both Chaga line and their Chinese medicine line. Chaga line is amazing, and its name sounds familiar to me since it is a “Russian mushroom”. Indeed I saw it in our forests many times, chaga is a well-known medicinal mushroom here.

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