The Saem expands Chaga line




The Saem Chaga line has been very popular lately , and therefore it’s no surprise that there are more additions to the line. To read more about the Chaga line, which is a fermentation line of Chaga Mushrooms go here.


 The Saem will be adding two new products to the line which uses the patented Micro-liposome technology  :



1. The Saem Chaga Liposome Biocellulose Sheet 차가발효 리포좀 바이오셀룰로오스 시트


Uses bio-cellulose sheets which are made of nano-fibers formed by fermented microbes. The fiber structure is interlaced in a 3D space, allowing active ingredients to be absorbed deeply into the epidermis. On top of that, the mask is enriched with the Chaga Liposome Essence which will ensure deep penetration into the skin.



2. The Saem Chaga Liposome Boosting Mist 차가발효 리포좀 미스트




Contains 150ml of 100% fermented mushroom extracts to deeply moisturize your skin and give you soft, supple and elastic skin. Chaga mushroom is a natural anti-cancer ingredient and is rich in antioxidants and minerals.

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