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The Saem has just released it’s summer hydration line called The Saem Mojito line. Yes, the cocktail! But why is it called the Mojito? Just because it contains all the ingredients used to make a mojito and gives that refreshing feeling that it gives!




So what does this cocktail of The Saem Mojito contains ? Instead of alcohol, it is going to use which is what apprently is the best mineral water in the world – the ‘Hydroxydase’. Yes, much more healthier than alcohol eh?

What is this best mineral water in the world?




The story of the Hydroxydase Water :



So what does this Hydroxydase water do?




Other ingredients that is used in The Saem Mojito line : lime, mint, apple, lemon, grapefruit, orange. While the mint gives the refreshing cooling feeling, those other fruits are known to be rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C, etc.


The items available in this line are as followed :


1. The Saem Mojito Cool Fresh Sparkle Mist (100ml and 50ml )

2. The Saem Mojito Cool Fresh Body Essence

3. The Saem Mojito Cool Fresh Body Mist

4. The Saem Mojito moisture gel BB SPF30/ PA++

5. The Saem Mojito Half & Half Moist Jelly Cream & Firming Sleeping Pack – can be used both as a day cream and a sleeping pack.

6. The Saem Mojito Lime Gel Patch (1.6g x 7 patches )

7. The Saem Mojito Grapefruit Gel Patch (1.6g x 7 patches )

8. The Saem Mojito Cool Fresh Body Wash

9. The Saem Mojito Water Jelly Foam

10. The Saem Mojito Fresh Mint Foam


Also, The Saem has released their version of the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max which was a huge hit and best seller last summer and managed to grab a few beauty awards too last year! Just like the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max  line which has three different types of cream/serum for different skin types – The Saem version called The Saem Aqua Vital Water Gel Cream will also have the same 3 colours just like the Nature Republic.




The 3 creams will come in a generous 80ml content. The Blue jar will be a water gel cream ( oily skin ), the green jar will be a balance cream ( combination skin ), and the red jar a deep moist cream ( dry skin ).


The 3 creams will be called :

1. The Saem Aqua Vital Water Gel Cream

2. The Saem Aqua Vital Balance Cream

3. The Saem Aqua Vital Water Deep Moist Cream

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  1. I wonder whether this new summer line will have a lot of alcohol in its contents as binding agents. Nature Republic uses a lot of alcohol inside its summer lines and the watery creams, mainly to bind ingredients together, and the cooling sensation can partially be attributed to this presence of alcohol, since alcohol vaporizes very fast to produce this sensation on the skin when applied.

  2. That is pretty true. Mineral oil, an occlusive material that can clog the skin easily, is unfortunately used in some cosmetics too. I like using the ‘safer’ brands such as Innisfree and so on for this reason!

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