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Followers of Hope In A Blog know how popular Snail Slim, Bee Venom and Snake Venom has been in Asia recently. The snail craze has not cooled down since it started 1-2 years ago and hasn’t slowed down yet. The Bee Venom has also conquered Japan – and it’s products have been on the Top 3 of the infamous Japanese cosmetics chart, Cosme, in almost every category.



A short recap on the features of the snail slime, bee venom, and snail slime :


  • Snail Slime

Another strangely-smooth-hands-amongst-the-workers success-story – the healing and repairing powers of snail slime were discovered by chance when snail farmers from Chile noticed how their hands had become soft and smooth and that minor cuts and scars were healing unusually quickly. Tests showed that the slimy secretions produced by the snails to repair their shells contained high levels of allantoin, collagen, elastine and anti-bacterial substances – all beneficial to skin health, repair and smoothness.


  • Snake Venom

Syn-ake, a synthetic peptide based on a natural polypeptide found in the venom of the Asian Temple Viper Snake.
It mimics the effects of a protein found in the venom – Waglerin-1 – a neuromuscular blocking compound that inhibits signals to the muscles to contract (just like botox injections) and so combating the formation of expression lines. In clinical tests, syn-ake was found to have a smoothing effect in 80% of volunteers and an anti-wrinkle effect in 73%.


  • Bee Venom

Bee Venom is the venom collected from the honeybee, Apis melifera consisting chiefly of melittin. Bee venom contains hyaluronidase, which attacks scar tissue and dissolves it. There is a medical journal on anti bacterial and anti inflammatory effects of Honeybee venom against acne-inducing bacteria which can be read : here.


Ever since the craze started, there has been a new generation of products that has mixed these ingredients up together. WHY NOT? Afterall they’re the hottest selling ingredients right now in Asia ! Let’s have a look at a few hybrid products that have mixed both or all three of these ingredients!


1. Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence





I’ve talked about this in my Gmarket Haul – this Benton essence is all natural. It contains lots of beneficial extracts and contains only 3 chemicals in its formula : butylene glycol, propylene glycol, and Acrylate crosspolymer. And hold on…. there’s not even water in the formula! I mean, Water is usually right up at the list of almost every cosmetic product and holds a big 70-90% of the entire ingredient list. But honestly, why would you pay for water??


This essence contains 90% snail slime instead of water, aloe vera juice, bee venom, together with lots of other goodies such as Betaine, Arbutin, EGF, Allantoin, Arginine, etc. For the entire ingredient list, look up our Ingredient List section.


The best thing? It’s so reasonably priced that you won’t believe it. There is also a mask from the same line.


Check out their Gmarket shop here and if you purchase anything type in ‘recommended by’ for some samples!



2. The Saem Dr Beauty Cell Repair


All in one : Bee/Snail/Snake Venom products



While Benton combines Bee and Snail, The Saem Dr Beauty Cell Repair combines Snake Venom and Snail Slime. Like Benton, no water is used in the formula and a 70% of snail slime is used instead. The line consists of a mask, a face cream, and an eye cream! It is more of an anti aging and anti-wrinkle cream!


Check out their Gmarket shop here and if you purchase anything type in ‘recommended by’ for some samples!



So what other products do you know off that combines any of these ingredients together? Share it with other readers! Smile

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  1. Hope,

    The link above next to the Benton essence isn’t working. When I search “Benton” in Gmarket nothing comes up. I am still trying to figure out gmarket! Thanks!

  2. Well I received my gmarket package two days ago and have been trying out my new Benton products. Benton was nice enough to throw in some samples. I have been trying their aloe toner and bee snail essence in combination with the skin house’s wrinkle healing snail cream and eye cream and It’s pretty amazing that I can already see a difference in my skin. I love that Benton does not use any parabens or chemicals for real. Many companies will claim “all natural” but Benton really and truly is 100%. I actually called them on skype a few minutes ago to find out if they have a website or catalogue but the man said they just started up in August (Hope, that is so cutting edge, how did you ever find them????) and that it will be another 3 or 4 months before they have a website. I asked if there are any other products and he said that right now it’s just those the toner, essence and pack. I assume he must feel encouraged to have someone calling from America, asking for more!!

  3. yup, they are really 99% all natural ! wow surprised that they spoke english too! haha didn’t know that there was a number. i’m always on the lookout for new innovative products to share. hope you like the products and you can always write up a review and send it to me to share with the others!

  4. Hi Hope, they do have a blog (listed on their letterhead) and I believe you could find it by going to the Korean Google. You can’t find anything related to Benton on American google. The blog is in Korean but there’s an option to skype them there and they answered right away (it was 1:30am Atlanta time so I think it would have been around 1:30 pm Korean time.)

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