The Face Shop releases fresh fruit mask packs


LG’s The Face Shop will be releasing three fruits mask to refresh your skin from the hot summer sun called the The Face Shop Fruit Strawberry Mask Pack 갈아만든 마스크팩.


These mask packs looks like home made fruit jams eh? There’s even kiwi seeds in the Kiwi Jelly Mask Pack. There will be three different fruit mask pack :


1. The Face Shop Kiwi Jelly Mask Pack

갈아만든 키위 젤리 마스크팩


Contains fresh kiwi extracts. Kiwi are known for their high and rich vitamin C content and it supplies the skin with moisture and nutrition.


Firm Skin

Kiwis contain large amounts of the water-soluble vitamin C, which is needed to produce collagen. Collagen is a connective protein that helps to firm your skin. Production of collagen decreases with aging, causing skin to lose elasticity. Collagen-stimulating ingredients, like kiwi extract, may be added to skin care products to slow the appearance of aging.


Soft Skin

Vitamin C not only firms skin, it repairs it. Kiwis have more vitamin C than a comparable amount of oranges. Vitamin C helps cuts and abrasions to heal and it also works to prevent rough, dry skin. In addition to skin care products that contain kiwi extract, go for the internal vitamin C boost with a fresh salad of kiwi, strawberries and citrus slices to help protect skin from the inside out.


Smoother Skin

Kiwis are a good source of vitamin E. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that topical vitamin E may decrease facial lines and the depth of wrinkles. Studies of vitamin E as an external application are inconclusive but ongoing. Vitamin E has been shown to reduce UV-induced skin cancer in animal testing. Remember that cosmetics are not as strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as products that are classified as drugs. Sunblock does offer you protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Wrinkle cream may or may not erase those frown lines.


Younger Skin

You can’t turn the clock back but you may be able to slow it down. Kiwis are a major source of antioxidants that can delay the effects of aging throughout the body. Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals that can damage healthy cells and hasten the process of degeneration, including changes in skin thickness, elasticity and firmness. Mayo Clinic doctors recommend getting your antioxidants from food sources, like kiwis, that have a complex mix of vitamins C, E, lycopene and other substances that fight free radicals.

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For more information on the benefits about kiwi seed extracts, read : here



2. The Face Shop Apple Fresh Mask Pack 

갈아만든 사과 속살 마스크팩


Rich in citric acid and pectin, apple helps with the skin’s turnover rate to give you smooth silky texture.



3. The Face Shop Strawberry Smoothie Mask Pack

갈아만든 딸기 스무디 마스크팩


Contains fresh strawberries extracts and even contains the seeds of strawberries. Rich in Vitamin C and AHAs ( fruit acids ) to brighten the skin tone, as well as calms the skin and provides hydration.





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