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    In K-Cosme 2011, it was definitely the year of Stem Cells, Fermentation and Snails. Hope In A Blog saw the release of snail creams almost every 2 weeks, products with EGF which are often combined together with Snail [...] Read More

    The Saem Chaga line has been very popular lately , and therefore it’s no surprise that there are more additions to the line. To read more about the Chaga line, which is a fermentation line of Chaga Mushrooms [...] Read More

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    The Saem will be releasing a new serum called The Saem Chaga Fermentation Liposome 100 Serum  차가발효 리포좀 100 세럼.       The serum also contains about 79% of pure chaga mushroom fermentation extracts ( instead of [...] Read More

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