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Gmarket Haul 50 Part 1

Gmarket Haul is back! I haven’t been doing very regular Gmarket hauls as of lately, and have done a few over the past few years just that I haven’t had the time to post it! This is my first haul post after a year!   I waited 1 month for this [...] Read More

sum37 releases limited edition of its cult product to celebrate its 5th anniversary

  For the review of the Sum37 Secret Programming Essence, click here Sum37 will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of their star cult product the Sum37 Secret Programming Essence.   The limited edition anniversary edition will be spotte [...] Read More

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UPDATED! : Battle of The Yeast Fermentation Treatment Essence

    The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence or known also as the ‘holy water’ and ‘miracle water’ has garnered a cult following for many years. This has spawned also other companies which has tried to emulate the success of Japan’s SK-II Faci [...] Read More

Su:m 37 2011 Best Sellers

  Here are the best sellers of Sum37 best sellers this year :   No. 1 : Sum37 Secret Programming Essence No surprise here. The Secret Programming Essence is the best seller every year without fail and their Star Product in every sense. [...] Read More

Su:m37 releases limited edition Secret Programming Essence

Su:m37 will be releasing a Limited Edition of their star-product and bestseller , the Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence. The limited edition will feature a brand new packaging – and also a whooping 230ml of the infamous Secret Programming Essenc [...] Read More

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