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      I’ve split this post into two versions : Luxury version which feature products from high-end luxury lines, and the Budget version for the lower-mid range brands! We all know that one of the major reasons why our [...] Read More

  A mini-haul to try out some new products !       1. AHC Intense Contour Balm 9 Free     Seller : here   This is an upgraded version of the infamous AHC Intense Contour Balm ( BB [...] Read More

        Chosungah Raw’s super successful ‘black’ line in Korea has spawned other companies like OHUI, Coreana, The Saem, Holika Holika to push out cosmetics that are based on ‘black’ ingredients such as the newly released OHUI Black [...] Read More

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      LG’s OHUI will be releasing a new serum called the OHUI Black Serum 오휘 블랙 세럼. Black cosmetics have been picking up in popularity in Korea last year with the introduction of Chosungah Raw’s black cosmetic series, [...] Read More

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