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Gmarket Haul 30 Happy New Year Haul

      Woah. This is the first time i received such a HUGE box. It was realllllllly huge, but like only 3/4 filled so they could have used a smaller box and i would have paid less for the shipping. I think the box itself weights [...] Read More

UPDATED! : Battle of The Yeast Fermentation Treatment Essence

    The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence or known also as the ‘holy water’ and ‘miracle water’ has garnered a cult following for many years. This has spawned also other companies which has tried to emulate the success of Japan’s SK-II Faci [...] Read More

Missha releases their version of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Doesn’t this look familiar? With almost the exact same packaging, font, and name as the SK-II infamous Facial Treatment Essence – Missha will be pushing out the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence 타임 레볼루션 더 퍼스트 트리트먼트 에센스.   [...] Read More

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