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The Original BB Cream : Dr Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid Review

    Introduction   Many of you may not know this – but Dr Schrammek Blemish Balm was THE BB Cream that started it all. It is the original BB Cream which caused the craze. However, being a German brand, it wasn’t the Germans that ma [...] Read More

our top 10 BB Creams

I’ve tried about more than 50 BB Creams, so i thought this would be the time to list my Top 10 BB Creams. The 10 BB Creams chosen are based mostly on the amount of times I've used them. Having over 50+ BB Creams, a B.B Cream which i have used more [...] Read More

Gmarket Haul Number 4! :D

If there was such thing as Gmarket Super VIP, I should be one. This was my 4th Gmarket spree. Almost a spree each week. Less goodies than the previous spree, but lots of goodies for our readers! Sorry for not taking photos of the openin [...] Read More

Introducing… the Original BB Cream

Introducing the BB cream that created the whole BB Craze around the world. Notice that there’s a MOCCA colour here, so perfect for those of you who are much darker in skin colour and tanner! Dr Schrammek’s Blemish Balm was the bl [...] Read More

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