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    Continued from Part 1 : The Skincare Obsession,  Part 2 : An Asian Approach, Part 3 : Packaging Is A Necessity, Part 4 :  The Asian Skincare Routine. Part 5 : The Lotion Mask Method     BB [...] Read More

    Dear Readers, We have uploaded a new photo of our BB Cream collection for reviews. Also the review giveaway will be ending in a few days, so if you haven’t signed up, do it right now. Everyone around [...] Read More

Introducing the latest trend in BB Creams : Meet the BB Rollers! Recently, a unique BB Cream in a roller tool form has been sparking interest and curiousity among consumers.  Instead of getting your fingers and hand all dirty, these [...] Read More

As famous as BB Creams have become and loved, there are also a number of those who doesn’t use BB Creams because it is packed with tons of silicones. So why the hate for silicones? Afterall the ‘smooth velvety’ feeling [...] Read More

  Vichy, a huge and very famous French pharmaceutical cosmetic brand has hopped in the BB Cream bandwagon and announced it’s first BB Cream.   I do not know if it will be exclusively sold only in Asia, but i [...] Read More

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