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UPDATED : The Beginner’s Guide To Asian Cosmetics Part 6 : BB Cream and It’s Evolution

    Continued from Part 1 : The Skincare Obsession,  Part 2 : An Asian Approach, Part 3 : Packaging Is A Necessity, Part 4 :  The Asian Skincare Routine. Part 5 : The Lotion Mask Method     BB Creams – are synony [...] Read More

Hope In A Blog’s BB Collection

    Dear Readers, We have uploaded a new photo of our BB Cream collection for reviews. Also the review giveaway will be ending in a few days, so if you haven’t signed up, do it right now. Everyone around the world is eligible for it! [...] Read More

Latest BB Trend : BB Rollers

Introducing the latest trend in BB Creams : Meet the BB Rollers! Recently, a unique BB Cream in a roller tool form has been sparking interest and curiousity among consumers.  Instead of getting your fingers and hand all dirty, these rollers help [...] Read More

BB Creams without Silicones

As famous as BB Creams have become and loved, there are also a number of those who doesn’t use BB Creams because it is packed with tons of silicones. So why the hate for silicones? Afterall the ‘smooth velvety’ feeling you feel on your skin when [...] Read More

Vichy AERA Mineral BB Cream

  Vichy, a huge and very famous French pharmaceutical cosmetic brand has hopped in the BB Cream bandwagon and announced it’s first BB Cream.   I do not know if it will be exclusively sold only in Asia, but i have not seen this around in Pa [...] Read More

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