Sunnyside VIP BB Cream now back on sale on Gmarket!

Sunnyside VIP BB Cream was Hope In A Blog’s 2010 Best BB Cream.

The product was not on sale on Gmarket for a few months as the contract with the former distributor ended.

But now, it is back on sale and you can purchase and try this amazing BB Cream via their official Gmarket page which opened up today!

Without further ado.. here is the link to the page (click on photo below) .

There is also a cheaper version of the Sunnyside which is called the Sunnyside VIP Dr. Skin Complete Blemish Balm.


The Dr. Skin Complete Blemish Balm uses Ubiquinon Co-enzyme Q10, caviar extracts, green tea, chamomile, allantoin and bisabolol.

If you’ve been looking for this amazing BB Cream lately on Gmarket but couldn’t find it – now is the time to try it!

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0 thoughts on “Sunnyside VIP BB Cream now back on sale on Gmarket!”

  1. hee hope,

    is this still the best BB cream? or did you test other bb creams?
    at the moment i still use the history of whoo luxery BB cream, but some how its still to dry at the end of the day.

  2. i love the Luxury BB Cream. it glitters when you are under the sun, but not during normal conditions. haha. layer up more on your skin with the cream before putting the BB cream!

  3. Can you help with a link of where to buy it? Could not find it on Gmarket`s website either. Thanks!

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