Su:m37 releases Secret Programming Line for men



With it’s competitor – SK-II releasing the men’s version of their worldwide cult essence – it’s no secret that Su:m37 will follow suit. The time is finally here! Su:m37 will be releasing their version of the famous Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence for Men 시크릿 포맨 프로그래밍 에센스 !!!


And the good news doesn’t stop there – there will be releasing other new items off this line notably the Su:m37 Secret For Men Water Gel Moisturizer , and item that Su:m37 itself has not released with the normal line! Also another item added will be a BB Cream/Sunscreen/Makeup base/Skin tone corrector cream called the Su:m37 Secret For Men The Finisher which has an SPF of 42,000.




I’ve never been a fan of men’s cosmetics but I’d definitely try the Su:m37 Secret Programming Water Gel Moisturizer since I’m such a huge fan of the Secret Programming line. I have a feeling that the Essence for men would be a little bit lighter in texture, so for those of you who loved the Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence but found it a little too heavy, this is probably for you!


This is a complete skincare regimen for men with only 3 steps!




Prices are as followed :

Step 1 : Su:m37 Secret For Men Programming Essence 80ml / 78,000 wons

Step 2 : Su:m37 Secret For Men Water Gel Moisturizer 60ml / 60,000 wons

Step 3 : Su:m37 Secret For Men The Finisher 50ml / 40,000 wons

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